Frequently Asked Questions for U.S. and Canadian Residents

What if missionaries don’t have three Church certificates?

Ideally Missionary Travel wants three Church certificates: a seminary graduation certificate, a baptismal confirmation certificate, a priesthood ordination certificate, a Young Women recognition award certificate, an Eagle Scout certificate, and so on.  Missionary Travel really would like three, but if that is not possible, Missionary Travel can make it work with two.

If missionaries can’t find their high school diploma, what should they do?

They can send in an official high school transcript in lieu of their diploma.

Do missionaries need to mail their passport to Missionary Travel?

No, Missionary Travel needs a color copy of the passport ID page mailed in to them, and then missionaries will hand-carry their passport with them to the mission field.

When will I get my visa?

You will receive your visa after you arrive in Singapore/Malaysia

Can I travel on my passport before my mission?

Yes. Missionary travel does not need your actual passport; only a copy.

Do couples need to turn in the same documents?

No. We only need a photocopy of the passport.

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