Frequently Asked Questions for U.S. and Canadian Residents


Passport Book

Your passport book cannot expire within 6 months of your release date. If it will, you must renew your passport before going to the MTC. Please pay the extra fees to expedite the renewal of the passport. Expediting times can take 4–8 weeks to process.

After you have signed your passport book, please make a color photocopy of the signature page and ID information page in portrait orientation. Please do not resize or cut out the copy of the passport. The address to mail the photocopy is listed on the visa instruction sheet. 

What if the missionary didn't sign their middle name on their passport?

Missionaries should leave their signature as signed in the passport.  Do not correct the name in any way.

What’s the next step (for travel/visas) after I receive my call?

Roughly 2 weeks after receiving your call, you will receive visa instruction.  The instructions will detail all documents required by Church Travel, as well as the address to which you should send them. 

Do I really need to email and post-mail the documents on the visa instructions?

Yes.  The emailed documents go to our colleagues in the Philippines who will begin working on a long-term visa for you.  Therefore, it’s important that the documents be scanned, and be clear; no pictures from cell phones (including from “scanning apps”) should be sent.  Please pay close attention when entering the email addresses listed on the visa instructions, and carefully follow the instructions for filling out the subject line.

The documents you will mail by post to Church Travel are required in supplement to those you will present to Philippine Immigrations at the Manila airport prior to entry into the country.

Due to the large volume of missionaries being processed, missionaries should not expect to receive verification from Church Travel that documents have been received.

When will I receive my travel documents?

If you are attending the Provo MTC, you will receive your travel documents on your departure day to your mission.

If you are going directly to the Manila MTC from your home, your travel documents will be sent to you via FedEx (or via email) within 2 weeks of your departure date. Please monitor your missionary email account (‘’) frequently.

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