Frequently Asked Questions for U.S. and Canadian Residents

My signature does not match the name printed on my passport. Is that a problem?

No, it will not be a problem.

Does the visa application really need 2 signatures?

Yes. The visa application needs to be signed in 2 different places. Sign once under the passport photo and again on the bottom of the last page where it asks for the applicant’s signature.

In addition to sending copies of their passport ID page, do missionaries need to send their actual passport?

Yes, Missionary Travel has to send a missionary's passport to the embassy to obtain the visa. Missionaries will get their passport back in the MTC on the day they depart to India.

The photo doesn’t fit in the box on the application. Should missionaries cut it down to size? How do I attach my photo to the application?

Do not cut your photo down to fit in the box on the application. It is fine that it is outside the lines of the box. The photo still needs to be a standard passport-type photo.

Use a glue stick to attach your photo. Tape or staples are not acceptable. If you do not have a glue stick, just put the photo in the envelope to Missionary Travel and we will attach for you.

If I made an error on my visa application can I use white-out to correct it?

No. You will need to go online and re-fill out your application. This is why you need to double check your answers before exiting the application to print it. Filling out a new application online will automatically void the previous application.

If missionaries are taking a trip before entering the missionary training center, will that hinder them from getting a visa?

Yes. Your visa cannot be applied for without your passport. Due to varying time frames of India visas, you may be postponed if the documents are not received by the recommended date.

How long does it take to get a visa?

Getting a visa for India varies in time and can take from 1 to 4 months. This is why it is important to get all visa documents into Missionary Travel on time.

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