Frequently Asked Questions for U.S. and Canadian Residents

Passport Book

Your passport book cannot expire within 6 months of your release date. If it will, you must renew your passport before applying for any visas. Please pay the extra fees to expedite the renewal of the passport. Expediting times can take from 4–8 weeks to process.

Please send your passport book to the Travel Office. The consulate requires the book to place the visa in it.

If a photocopy of the passport ID page is also requested, please send both the passport book and the photocopy.

Can I travel internationally before going to the MTC?

Please do not schedule any international travel within 45 days of your MTC date. This includes travel to Canada or Mexico and any cruises that are outside of the United States.

If missionaries lose their visa packet, can they get a new one?

Yes. Please call 1-800-537-3537 and ask for the visa packet to be mailed to the missionary

When will missionaries get their passport and visa back?          

Couples will receive their passports and visas back at the Provo Missionary Training Center. Single elders and sisters will receive their passport, visa, and final itinerary via FedEx at their home approximately one to two weeks before their MTC travel date.

What if missionaries didn’t graduate from seminary or cannot find their seminary graduation certificate?

This is common for senior couples. Missionaries in this situation should provide another Church recognition certificate such as a baptism certificate and/or some type of achievement award.

Missionaries should talk to their ward or stake clerk to ask about a seminary graduation certificate. Each stake has a Seminaries and Institute (S&I) representative. This representative can reprint certificates for missionaries.

What does it mean to send in notarized copies of the certificates?

The notary will witness missionaries make a photocopy of their three certificates (diploma, seminary, and priesthood or Church certificates). The notary needs to witness that they are copies of the original and will stamp and sign the photocopy.

Why do missionaries need to send in their visa requirements so early?

The mission needs three months to apply for and receive approval of the missionary's work permit after they receive the missionary's documents.


Please refer all immunization questions to your personal doctor or you may call the Missionary Department Nurse at (801)-240-6454 for further clarification.

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