Cote d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast)

Frequently Asked Questions for U.S. and Canadian Residents

Passport Book

Your passport book cannot expire within 6 months of your release date. If it will, you must renew your passport before applying for any visas. Please pay the extra fees to expedite the renewal of the passport. Expediting times can take from 4–8 weeks to process.

Passport Pages

If your passport will be valid for the term of your mission, your passport book must also have a minimum of 6 blank visa pages (not including the final 4 pages of the passport). If it does not have these required blank pages, you must renew your passport book.

Please send your passport book to the Travel Office. All of the consulates require it to place the visas in them. 

If a photocopy of the passport ID page is also requested, please send both the passport book and the photocopy.

Can I travel internationally before going to the MTC?

Please do not schedule any international travel within 45 days of your MTC date. This includes travel to Canada or Mexico and any cruises that are outside of the United States.

Do missionaries need to provide a copy of their yellow fever vaccination or the actual Yellow Fever Card?

Only a photocopy of the Yellow Fever Card is needed to obtain the visa.

Do missionaries need to send a money order for the fees?

No, the Church will cover the cost of the visa.

Do missionaries called to the Ivory Coast, but reporting to the Ghana MTC, need a Ghana visa?

Yes. Missionary Travel will request documents to obtain your Ghana visa, as well as an Ivory Coast visa.

My signature does not match the name printed on my passport. Is that a problem?

If you did not sign your full name on the passport, all your visa documents must be signed the way you signed your passport.

What should missionaries put in the “issued by” section?

If missionary holds a U.S. passport they should put “United States Department of State.”

Can I make corrections to my visa forms if the information already filled in is not correct?

Yes. Use white-out tape (not liquid) to make corrections. Neatly print correct information with BLACK INK.

How do I attach my photo to the application?

Use a glue stick to attach your photo, or send it unattached and your agent will do so. Tape or staples are not permitted.

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