Frequently Asked Questions for U.S. and Canadian Residents

What if a notary is unwilling to notarize the copy?

Missionaries should send the document to the Missionary Travel Office and they will make the necessary arrangements to make the document valid.

If missionaries filled out some of the information incorrectly, what can they do?

Missionaries should feel free to white-out the incorrect information and replace it with the correct information.

What if missionaries do not have a high school diploma or seminary diploma yet?

A School transcript will work in place of the school diploma, and a Certificate of Completion of one year of seminary can take place of the seminary diploma.

What if my doctor doesn’t have a stamp, does the medical report have to be stamped?

Yes. The medical office will have a stamp that will work.

What if missionaries are planning an international trip before entering the missionary training center?

Missionaries can keep their passport for their trip and then once they return, mail their passport to Missionary Travel. Missionary Travel needs to have a missionary's passport in their office by their missionary training center date. Missionaries should mail in their other documents before the deadline date given on the top of the instruction sheet. If keeping the passport, a note to Missionary Travel needs to be included indicating that the missionary will be keeping their passport for a trip and the date when they will mail it in.

If attending the South Africa MTC a personal appearance is required. Any trip is okay if completed by two months before the MTC date.

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