Employment Information

South Africa

Prospective Teachers

In order to help missionaries achieve their purpose (see Preach My Gospel, page 1), the MTC depends on exceptional returned missionaries to serve as teachers. As directed by the Spirit, teachers will:

  • Guide, direct, train, and provide feedback to missionaries using Preach My Gospel and the approved curriculum.
  • Prepare daily to train and meet missionary needs.
  • Counsel and plan regularly with their companion teacher regarding missionary needs.
  • Assist other teachers and missionaries as directed by leaders.
  • Implement direction and training from the manager of training.

Requirements to teach at the MTC include the following:  

  • Have served a full-time mission.
  • Be worthy of the Spirit and have a current temple recommend.
  • Be able to work five to six days a week, approximately 20 hours a week.
  • Be prepared to receive approximately 20 hours of initial teacher training.

For further information on becoming a teacher at the MTC, please see the “Frequently Asked Questions” below.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply to teach at the MTC?

Contact Brother Mark Mocke (manager of training and operations at the South Africa MTC) at 083 443 3746, or fax your resume, a short introductory letter, and your mission president's recommendation to 086 687 4696 (you can also e-mail these items to mockem@ChurchofJesusChrist.org).  Brother Mocke will invite you for an interview, at which time you need to bring a resume. You will need to come to the interview in missionary attire and bring Preach My Gospel and your scriptures. Please note that only missionaries who have completed their missions within the last six months will be considered. Also, please note that the MTC and Church do not apply for work permits for non-residents. If you are a non-resident, you have to have a valid work permit to apply.

When are there openings for teachers?

Openings normally occur when teachers leave after their two-year contract period, but can happen sooner due to other opportunities or circumstances. 

What happens after I submit my application?

You will be invited for an interview.

How long will my application be kept on file?

For at least six months.

Besides teacher positions, are there other opportunities for employment at the MTC?

Unfortunately no, as the South Africa MTC is a small MTC and positions are limited. Catering and cleaning services are contracted.