Welcome Message from the MTC President


Dear Prospective Missionaries and Parents,

Congratulations on your call to represent the Lord Jesus Christ! We welcome you with open arms and excitedly await your arrival at the Peru Missionary Training Center.

The Peru MTC facilities and grounds have been dedicated for the preparation of the Lord’s missionaries. The MTC is a beautiful, peaceful haven where a spirit of love and learning is evident. Our teachers and supervisors are successful, carefully trained returned missionaries who are here to assist you in becoming an effective missionary. Trained chefs prepare tasty food that is nutritious and plentiful. You can enjoy an hour of physical activity, such as soccer, volleyball, basketball, jogging, table tennis, and so on, every weekday.

The scriptures, Preach My Gospel, and the Missionary Handbook will be the focus of your training. Through obedience, personal prayer, and diligent study, your faith in and testimony of the Lord Jesus Christ and His restored gospel will be strengthened. You will become more skilled in teaching by the Spirit and be better prepared to serve the Lord. Your MTC experience will be enhanced by a weekly trip to the lovely Lima Peru Temple.

If assigned to learn Spanish, you will train for six weeks. If fluent in Spanish, you will train for three weeks. Regardless of how long you are privileged to be here, you will love your experience at the Peru MTC. We have one English-speaking MTC branch and two Spanish-speaking MTC branches. Our branch presidencies are made up of caring and experienced priesthood leaders. Most have served as mission presidents.

Prior to your arrival we invite you to read the entire Book of Mormon. Prayerfully ponder and pray about the glorious teachings found in this powerful testament of Jesus Christ. Study Preach My Gospel. It will be your companion and resource throughout your missionary service. Receive your temple endowment and attend the temple as often as you can. If possible, serve as a temple ordinance worker. If you have a few name cards for family members for whom the endowment needs to be done, you can bring them with you to the MTC.

Being a missionary is a wonderful experience. It requires hard work, complete and humble obedience, determination, and the companionship of the Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost works through a clean vessel; therefore, you must come repentant, humble, and prepared for the Lord to bless and inspire you.

We excitedly look forward to your joining us.

With much love,
President and Sister Moore