About the New Zealand MTC

New Zealand MTC Exterior



The New Zealand Missionary Training Center was established in 1977 in Hamilton. In September 2010, it was relocated to its new facility in Manukau, Auckland. The maximum capacity of the facility is 106.

Programs provided in the New Zealand MTC are two-week English, two-week French, two-week Samoan, and two-week Tongan. In August 2011, ESL training was implemented in the New Zealand MTC to help missionaries from the Pacific who have limited understanding of English.  This program runs for six weeks, and it has been tremendously helpful to the missionaries, including many who have never spoken English before. Missionaries trained in the New Zealand MTC serve in the six missions in Australia; three missions in New Zealand; two missions in Papua New Guinea;  Fiji;  Samoa;  Tonga;  Tahiti;  Vanuatu;  Marshall Islands and Micronesia Guam. The number of missionaries attending the MTC is increasing, and we are so excited to see the growth of the work in the Pacific.


The climate in Auckland is mild and moderated by its proximity to the coast. During the summer months (December to February), expect typical daily temperatures to be in the 70s (about 23°C).  During the winter months (June to August), average daily highs are in the 50s (about 14°C). Spring and autumn are cool and pleasant. Rain is abundant and falls throughout the year, but considerably less during the summer months than in the winter months.

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