Welcome Message from the MTC President


Dear Prospective Missionaries and Parents,

Young men and women who are called by the Lord as full-time missionaries begin their service at one of the Church’s 15 missionary training centers (MTCs) worldwide. The Ghana MTC in West Africa was opened in 2002 and is a place where staff, teachers, and leaders strive to serve the individual needs of each missionary who comes to receive training.

The length of training for missionaries at the Ghana MTC is three weeks for those not learning a new language and six weeks for those learning a new language. There are between 60 and 90 missionaries in a group, with missionaries in the group divided into individual districts consisting of 8 to 10 missionaries each. The missionaries who train at the Ghana MTC come from many African countries as well as several nations outside of Africa and serve in a variety of countries within Africa. Training is conducted in both English and French—which are the two major mission languages in African nations—for those who already speak those languages.

Our training is focused on the scriptures and principles taught in Preach My Gospel. Through obedience, personal prayer, and scripture study, your faith in the Lord Jesus Christ will grow and your testimony of His restored gospel will deepen. As a result, you will become skilled in teaching the message of the Restoration in your mission language.

The typical missionary day is filled with class instruction, practice in teaching investigators, physical exercise, and meals prepared by the wonderful kitchen staff. Weekly Sunday meetings and devotionals include instruction from members of the Africa West Area Presidency and MTC leaders and recorded talks by members of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. You will also have the opportunity to attend the Accra Ghana Temple during your stay at the MTC.

The MTC experience can be fulfilling and spiritually edifying. Learning to teach the gospel in order to help establish the Lord’s kingdom throughout the world is a challenging task that will stretch your capacity. The spiritual blessings that accompany this work will bring about great personal growth.

We look forward to meeting you when you arrive at the Ghana MTC. We know you are about to embark on an unparalleled experience. Our Heavenly Father will bless you as you faithfully prepare to serve.

President and Sister Brubaker