About the Brazil MTC

Brazil MTC Exterior


The Brazil MTC was the second MTC established by the Church (after Provo). It was first housed in the old Mission House located at Rua Itapeva in São Paulo, but with the construction of the Church administrative complex located at Avenida Professor Francisco Morato, the MTC was soon moved and occupied a portion of the temple patron housing facilities of the São Paulo Temple.

As missionary numbers grew, plans for expansion were made, and the São Paulo 7th Ward meetinghouse was demolished to make way for the construction of the current facility. With a capacity of 646 missionaries, the Brazil MTC is the largest Church-owned building outside the United States. Since its dedication by Elder Russell M. Nelson in May 1997, thousands of missionaries have been trained here. They come from Brazil and other parts of South America, the United States, Cape Verde, Mozambique, and Portugal. Most serve in Brazil, but some Brazilians learn Spanish here to serve in the Spanish-speaking countries of Central and South America.


Although located along the Tropic of Capricorn, the city of São Paulo has a temperate climate due to its elevation. If you will be at the MTC during the summer months (October through March), expect warm temperatures and ample rain (approximately 56 inches fall annually). The winter months are relatively mild, with average temperatures in the high 50s (about 14°C) and occasional frosts.

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