Your Stay at the MTC


We are very excited about your future arrival at the Buenos Aires Missionary Training Center. We hope that this information will be helpful as you make your final arrival preparations.

When should I arrive at the MTC?

Arrival times should be on a Thursday and will depend on where you are traveling from. Missionaries who are local to Buenos Aires should arrange their travel to arrive at the MTC at 9:00 a.m. on Thursday. For those missionaries who are traveling from areas outside Buenos Aires, their travel and subsequent arrival time will be arranged by the Missionary Travel Department. 

Where should I report?

Upon arrival at the MTC, you will be greeted by local staff, receive your nametag and MTC materials, be shown your room, and be introduced to your companion. You will then be interviewed by the MTC president. Report to the missionary training center dressed in missionary attire with a proper missionary haircut. 

Missionary Training Center
El Tupe No 4950
(1778) Ciudad Evita – Partido de La Matanza
Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina

Telephone: 54-11-4693-9799 (MTC Offices); or 54-15-6863-7679 (After-Hours Security)

How should I be dressed for my arrival?

Regular missionary attire is the standard for dress at the MTC. Elders should be sure to wear a suit coat on the day of their arrival. For more information on missionary dress and grooming, please refer to your call packet or see dress and grooming guidelines

What if I am fluent in or speak some of my mission second language?

If you are already fluent or speak some Spanish, you will be evaluated by the training staff so as to receive the appropriate training program for you. 

What preparations are necessary before entering the MTC?

Your mission begins when you enter the missionary training center (MTC). You must complete all preparations before entering the MTC, including the purchase of all clothing and personal items. Personal time is extremely limited. You will not be able to leave the MTC to shop.

You should enter the MTC healthy, having already taken care of all health-related matters, including dental and eye exams and follow-up treatment. Complete all medical tests requested on the Missionary Immunization/Preventive Medication Requirements form. (You or those providing for your support must pay for pre-mission medical conditions, including dental and eye care.)

You should be set apart as a full-time missionary by your stake president and, if you desire, receive a father's blessing and/or patriarchal blessing before your arrival at the MTC. You are encouraged to bring a copy of your patriarchal blessing with you. You should receive your temple endowment before arrival, if possible.

What should I bring to the MTC?

Bring the following when you come to the MTC:

  • Items on the mission clothing list sent from the Missionary Department
  • Soap and towel
  • Personal hygiene supplies (shaver, toothbrush and toothpaste, dental floss, mouthwash, shampoo, deodorant, hand lotion, makeup, combs, hair gel, and so on) to use during your time at the MTC
  • Appropriate exercise clothing (five gym periods per week, one laundry day)
  • Warm clothing (if you will be at the MTC during the winter months)
  • At least one suit (for elders)
  • Current temple recommend
  • Money for personal items in US Dollars and, if necessary, transportation from the airport
  • Government-issued photo ID (such as, driver's license, passport, military ID, and so on)
  • A copy of your completed Missionary Immunization/Preventive Medication Requirements form (do not give this to anyone prior to arriving at the MTC)
  • A set of scriptures in your own language: Bible, Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, and Pearl of Great Price
  • Any missionary library books in your own language that you will want: Jesus the Christ, Our Heritage, Our Search for Happiness, and True to the Faith
  • Any needed medicine. Bring enough to last through your time in the MTC and the first month in the mission field.
  • Pens, pencils, notebooks, markers, and any other sort of material that you think necessary to take notes and write letters
  • A spare pair of glasses and/or contact lenses, if necessary, and your latest prescription

Please put your name on all clothing, luggage, and other belongings. 

What supplies and services will the MTC provide?

All bedding supplies and meals are provided. Laundry facilities and a barber are also available. 

How will my expenses be handled?

You must provide your own spending money for miscellaneous expenses in US Dollars, such as stamps, snacks, and so on. However, you do not need to bring money to the MTC for room and board, training materials, laundry, haircuts, or other essential personal care items.

May my family come to the MTC?

On your scheduled arrival date many new missionaries will be arriving at the MTC within a very short period of time. As a result, only one vehicle per missionary family will be able to enter the MTC grounds to drop you off. This vehicle should contain yourself, your luggage, and a few members of your immediate family. Other family members and friends will not be able to drive in, nor walk on to the MTC campus.

As such, it would be most helpful to this intake process if you would have your farewell activities with family and friends prior to your arrival at the MTC. Because the drop-off time is very short, you will have only a few brief moments for a quick farewell, and there will be no opportunity for picture taking. Thank you for your cooperation in this process.

May I have visitors at the MTC?

Your training schedule will not allow time for visits from family or friends. Please advise your family not to request visits, because such visits would distract you and your companion from your training. Please do not meet your family or friends at the temple at any time. Church leaders have also asked that missionaries not be excused from the MTC to attend funerals, marriages, farewells, baptisms, or other family events. While you are at the MTC, all communications with family and others should be limited to weekly letters and/or weekly family e-mails.

May my family deliver packages to the MTC?

Packages may be dropped off at the MTC guard gate. The guard will ensure delivery to the missionary. Any packages mailed to missionaries should be sent through the local federal postal service (US Postal Service, Correo Argentino, Correo de Chile, and so on). Mail to you should be addressed with your full name and mission assignment. Packages sent via UPS, Federal Express, or other commercial carriers are subject to excessive Customs costs and/or delays. The MTC will not accept packages or other items that have been retained in Customs. If the value of the contents of the package is greater than US$25.00 or if the contents include electronics or other restricted items, the package may be retained at Customs. Packages arriving after a missionary leaves the MTC will not be forwarded.

May my family mail me letters at the MTC?

E-mail is encouraged. Take time with your family before you leave home to be sure both of you will know how to use the family e-mail service. Bring with you the family e-mail address you will use while on your mission. Families without e-mail are encouraged to send their letters directly to your in-field mission address. Letters received after you leave the MTC will be forwarded to your mission.

Is it possible to receive immunizations at the MTC?

You should receive all required immunizations before entering the MTC. However, you will be able to purchase required immunizations at the MTC if necessary. Please bring money to pay for such immunizations.

What about travel from the MTC to the mission field?

The Church Travel Department will handle arrangements for your travel to the field. They will also give you official passport and visa instructions. You must follow these instructions carefully. You may be requested to send certain documents required for a visa. If you do not submit these documents by the requested date, your departure to the field may be delayed. Your departure may also be delayed because visas to certain countries are difficult to obtain.

Families and friends should not attempt to meet you as you travel from the MTC to your in-field assignment. Time schedules, airport security, and the emotional impact on you make these encounters disruptive to both yourself and those traveling with you.