Welcome Message from the MTC President


Dearest Prospective Missionary and Parents,

We look forward to having your missionary with us at the Argentina Missionary Training Center! All who enter here have the privilege of learning to teach the doctrine of Christ and inviting others to come unto Him, while strengthening their own testimonies of the Savior and His gospel. What could be more wonderful?

The Argentina MTC is located on the beautiful campus of the Buenos Aires Argentina Temple. There is not a more peaceful or spiritual place that could have been chosen for you to learn to become a full-time representative of our Lord Jesus Christ.

We have about 20 of the finest MTC instructors, who teach up to 96 missionaries at any given time. We train mostly missionaries who have been called to serve in Argentina, Uruguay, or Paraguay. Spanish-speaking missionaries participate in a three-week training program to help them prepare to serve. Non-Spanish-speaking missionaries come here for a six-week period to learn Spanish as well as to prepare to serve. They are engaged in language learning that immerses them in an actual Spanish-speaking environment.

From the time you arrive you will learn the concepts of obedience and working with and supporting a companion. You will gain a greater understanding of the holy scriptures and Christ’s doctrine. You will learn from the scriptures and Preach My Gospel how to better help others gain their own testimonies of the truthfulness of the gospel and to make commitments such as baptism. In addition to classroom study, there are proselyting outings and personal and companion study.

We have an excellent cafeteria where you will be well fed. You will have time for sports activities on our outdoor basketball and volleyball courts, and there are garden areas around the grounds for outdoor study. You will also enjoy Sundays filled with uplifting lessons, weekly visits to the temple, and weekly firesides and devotionals given by the MTC leadership, General Authorities, and other Church leaders.

We know that your time here will be wonderfully fulfilling and uplifting. There is nothing greater than serving the Lord as a missionary.

May the Lord bless you,
President and Sister Benton