What Is CLS?

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The Companionship Language Study (CLS) program has been designed to help missionaries around the world learn English. Preach My Gospel includes the following instruction: “If you do not speak English, you should study it as a missionary. This will bless you during your mission and throughout your life” (Preach My Gospel: A Guide to Missionary Service [2004], 128).
To help missionaries learn English, the Missionary Department has approved Companionship Language Study materials, which include both print and audio resources. Missionaries use these materials daily to learn English during the time identified in Preach My Gospel for language study.
Missionaries who complete the CLS program then take an online language proficiency test and receive a certificate indicating their level of English proficiency. The certificate will benefit returned missionaries as they seek educational or employment opportunities.

How Does It Work?

While at the MTC, missionaries have the CLS program explained to them, and they receive their initial set of materials.
Then in the field, the mission president encourages the missionaries to diligently participate in the program. He helps them understand how learning English can bless their lives, and he periodically follows up on their progress.
The mission president assigns a mission proctor to administer the program, distribute additional materials, and oversee the testing. This proctor can be a mission secretary, a senior couple, the mission president’s wife, or a Church-service missionary.

Getting Started

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