Role Descriptions

The role descriptions below are intended to help priesthood leaders and others gain a better understanding of the purpose, duties, responsibilities, knowledge, and skills related to Church-service missionary postings and coordination assignments.

The descriptions are organized alphabetically by title. Clicking on a title will open a document with details for that assignment.

Role Description TitleDepartment
Addiction Recovery ProgramLDS Family Services
Administrative AssistantMultiple
Assistant DirectorMultiple
Assistant Fleet AdministratorMaterials Management
Assistant, Mormon Tabernacle ChoirMultiple
Assistant, Operations ManagerMultiple
Bishops' Storehouse ManagerWelfare
Bishops' Storehouse WorkerWelfare
Building HostingPublic Affairs
Communications and Training CoordinatorHuman Resource
Church-Service Missionary (Misc.)Multiple
Church-Service Missionary Program CoordinatorHuman Resource
Coordinator 1Multiple
Custodial Support / Grounds CaretakerMultiple
Customer Service RepGlobal Support Center (GSC)
Data AnalystFamily History
Data SpecialistFamily History
Employment Center ManagerWelfare
Employment Center SpecialistWelfare
FamilySearch MissionaryFamily History
FamilySearch Patron AssistantFamily History
Family History SupervisorFamily History
Family Home Evening TeacherSeminaries and Institute
Financial AnalystMeetinghouse Facilities and Temple and Special Projects
Food Processing WorkerWelfare
Guest Services MissionaryMeetinghouse Facilities
Home Storage Center ManagerWelfare
Home Storage Center WorkerWelfare
Indexing SpecialistFamily History
Inner-City Project MissionaryPriesthood
Institute Program AssistantSeminaries and Institutes
Manager, OperationsMultiple
Manager, Transient ServicesMultiple
Member Locator SpecialistGlobal Support Center (GSC)
Mission Housing CoordinatorMissionary
Mission PresidencyMissionary
MTC - Immersion Program Assistant (SMLT)Missionary
MTC - Teaching Appointment Shift Leader (TRC)Missionary
MTC - Volunteer Coordinator (SMLT)Missionary
MTC - Volunteer Investigator (English)Missionary
MTC - Volunteer Investigator (Spanish)Missionary
Natural Resource EngineerMeetinghouse Facilities
Operations AssistantMultiple
Patron AssistantDistribution Service Centers
Production WorkerMultiple
Project ManagerMeetinghouse Facilities and Temple and Special Projects
Ranch Construction WorkerFarmland Reserves, Inc.
Real Estate AnalystMeetinghouse Facilities
Research ConsultantFamily History
Sales ClerkMaterials Management
Secretary 2Multiple
Security OfficerChurch Security
Seminary Program Assistant (Including Special Needs)Seminaries and Institutes
Specialist, CampMultiple
Specialist, LDS Family ServicesMultiple
Specialist, OperationsMultiple
Stake PresidencyMultiple
Supervisor, OperationsMultiple
Supervisor, Humanitarian ServicesMultiple
Temporary Binding SpecialistMultiple
Truck DriverMultiple
Worker, Transient ServicesWelfare