Talking to Your Child about a YCSM Mission

Few things are more difficult for a faithful young adult than being told that he or she can’t serve a proselyting mission. That’s why discussing a young Church-service mission with your son or daughter is so important.

5 Things to Do When Talking to Your Child

Your son or daughter may have many valid fears or concerns about serving a mission. You can help by offering a safe place to freely express feelings, even negative ones.

Show compassion
The decision to serve a Church-service mission can be emotionally charged and often requires sensitivity. What your child needs most is your love, understanding, and encouragement.

Be positive
Sometimes life goes differently than we expected—and that’s okay! This is a time to celebrate the opportunity your child has to serve the Lord.

Focus on the value of service
It’s important to focus on the truth that the Lord is pleased with our service to Him, no matter what form it may come in. Like everyone, your son or daughter has many unique talents. As you work with your priesthood leader to find the best fit, remind your child that the Lord needs each of us to be His hands.

Remember the blessings
No matter the type of service, great blessings are in store for anyone who serves God. Your child can return with honor from serving as a YCSM.

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