Paper Recommendation Process

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Church-service missionary paper recommendation.

Upon receiving the completed paper recommendation form, the bishop certifies the worthiness of the member and concurs with the selected choice for service. He then signs the form and forwards it to the stake president.

The stake president interviews the candidate for worthiness and signs the recommendation form and forwards it to the local Church-service missionary coordinator's office for review, for entry into the database, and for authorization to extend the call.

The coordinator advises the stake president by letter when the processing is complete, and the stake president extends the call to the member. The stake president authorizes the bishop to set the new missionary apart.

Church-service missionaries should then contact the operation where they will be serving. They are supervised and trained under the direction of the operation in which they serve. The stake president and bishop remain the ecclesiastical leaders for the member.

The form should be completed and signed by both your bishop and stake president, who will mail the form according to the location where you will be serving.

United States and Canada: Send to the CSM group coordinators for your stake. Your stake leaders can find this information in the Church Directory of Organizations and Leaders (CDOL).

Northern Utah (Payson to the Idaho border): Send to
Church headquarters.
Church-Service Missionary Office
50 East North Temple Street #262WW
Salt Lake City, Utah 84150

International Areas: Send to the appropriate area administrative office, labeled with “Attention: Human Resources Director.”

If you still need assistance, call the Church-Service Missionary Office at 801-240-4914, or e-mail