Safety Training and Video Resources

Protecting Children and Youth

Protecting Children and Youth training for teachers and leaders.

Swimming Safety

Swimming is a fun activity for most people, but it can be dangerous.

Distracted Driving

Stay safe on the road by driving free of distractions. 

Chainsaw Safety

In order to use a chainsaw at a Church-sponsored activity or service project, you are required to view this chainsaw safety training.

Emergency Response Volunteer Training

Wards and stakes may organize volunteers to assist in community cleanup following a disaster. All volunteers should adhere to Church safety guidelines for disaster cleanup.

Communicable Diseases

Watch the interview with “Rhonda Rhinovirus” as she unwittingly shares with us how diseases are spread and how to prevent them.

Sam Cloud: Lightning Safety

Lightning can cause injury and death.

Safety through Planning and Relying on the Spirit

Watch how planning and listening to the Spirit led a group safely out of a life-threatening experience.

Drowsy Driving: The Sleepy Killer

Stay awake and stay alive.

Get in Shape

Getting ready for a big hike? Get your body ready for it.

Trek Safety

Learn more about trek safety guidelines and reducing the risks.

Safety E-Learning Tool

Learn to make wise choices during Church activities.