Play It Safe This Summer

Summer is just around the corner, which means Church activities will be in full swing. Pioneer treks, youth conferences, Scouting and Young Women camps, and outdoor ward parties will be in full swing—and so will many health and safety concerns.

Safety resource is a helpful resource for members and leaders who want to promote and maintain safety during Church-sponsored activities.

At the top of those concerns are auto accidents. Coinciding with “Distracted Driving Awareness” month in April, the Church created videos to bring awareness to the growing problem of distracted driving. The four short videos feature common actions that contribute to distracted driving: such as eating, talking on the phone, changing media, texting and grooming.

The website’s Safety and Health Media Library contains other videos about various safety issues.

One video, “Lightning Safety: An Interview with Sam Cloud,” addresses lightning safety. It won best training video award at the second annual Training Television Awards last year. Another video features an interview with a germ, Rhonda Rhinovirus, who reluctantly reveals the key for preventing communicable diseases: washing your hands.

Youth and leaders embarking on pioneer treks this summer are encouraged view the “Tracy’s Trek” videos. This lighthearted three-part series chronicles a teenager’s adventures using a video blog to keep safety in mind before and during a pioneer trek.

Other educational (and entertaining) safety resource feature topics like drowsy driving, food safety, getting in shape, and heat illness prevention.

 “Our motto is ‘know risk,’ not ‘no risk,’” said Steven Hoskins, risk manager with the Risk Management Division. “That’s a key reason for the videos—to get to know what you can do to make it safe.”

The Church desires to protect the safety and health of its employees, volunteers, missionaries, and others who visit and use Church facilities and services. Preventing injuries and illnesses is a high priority.