Chainsaw Safety

Service Project

In order to use a chainsaw at a Church-sponsored activity or service project, you are required to view this chainsaw safety training. After watching the entire video, you will be able to print a certificate of completion. Before operating a chainsaw, you will be expected to show this certificate as proof that you have taken the training. If watching this as a group, each individual needs to have their own certificate with their name on it.

Launch Training

Below are some additional guidelines from

  • Do not fell trees as a Church volunteer. Leave that work for professionals. You should work only on trees that have already fallen.
  • Always wear protective gear. This includes:
    • Hearing protection.
    • Goggles.
    • Boots.
    • Hard hat.
    • Chaps.
    • Gloves.
  • Do not cut alone. Always have someone nearby—but not close to you—just in case something goes wrong.
  • Never cut wood that is being held by somebody else.
  • When starting a chainsaw, make sure the chain brake is engaged.
  • Always hold a running chainsaw with two hands. Never use one hand. If you need to use your hand for something, make sure you turn off the chainsaw first.
  • Inspect the chainsaw before starting it to ensure that all the safety features are working and the chain is tight on the guide bar.
  • Never cut with the nose or tip of the chainsaw. This will cause kickback and can lead to serious injury.
  • Never use a chainsaw to cut above your head.
  • Before you refuel, allow the chainsaw to cool down.
  • When walking, either turn off the chainsaw or engage the chain brake.
  • Don’t use a chainsaw on a ladder.
  • Keep the chainsaw out of reach of children.