Abuse Help Line

Welfare Unit Manager Training

In some countries, the Church has established a confidential abuse help line to assist stake presidents and bishops. These leaders should promptly call the help line about every situation in which a person may have been abused—or is at risk of being abused. They should also call it if they become aware of a member viewing, purchasing, or distributing child pornography.

The help line is available for bishops and stake presidents to call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Phone numbers are shown below.

  • United States and Canada: 1-801-240-1911 or 1-800-453-3860, extension 2-1911
  • United Kingdom: 0800 970 6757
  • Ireland: 1800 937 546
  • France: 0805 710 531
  • Australia: 02 9841 5454 (from within the country)
  • New Zealand: 09 488 5592 (from within the country)

Bishops and stake presidents should call the help line when addressing situations involving any type of abuse. Legal and clinical professionals will answer their questions. These professionals will also give instructions about how to:

  • Assist victims and help protect them from further abuse.
  • Help protect potential victims.
  • Comply with legal requirements for reporting abuse.

The Church is committed to complying with the law in reporting abuse (see Laws differ by location, and most Church leaders are not legal experts. Calling the help line is essential for bishops and stake presidents to fulfill their responsibilities to report abuse.

A bishop should also notify his stake president of instances of abuse.

In countries that do not have a help line, a bishop who learns of abuse should contact his stake president. He will seek guidance from the area legal counsel at the area office.

For information about professional counseling in cases of abuse, see