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Church History Guides: Oral Histories

An effective way to collect Church history is to conduct oral history interviews. Oral histories are a valuable tool for capturing and preserving information about historical events, major developments in Church units, lives of individual members, testimonies, and memories that may otherwise be lost. Oral histories also allow for in-depth analysis of a topic or event. Allowing people to use their own words can move them to share aspects of their faith, testimonies, and experiences that may not be recorded in writing.

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Oral History Cataloging Worksheet and Index
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Sample Interview Outlines

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General Questions
Area Seventy
Bishop or Branch President
Mission President
MTC President
Modern Pioneer
Perpetual Education Fund
Relief Society President or Counselor
Ward or Branch Auxiliary Leader

Other Tools

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Oral History Pre-Interview Questionnaire
Oral History Evaluation



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Oral Histories Summary
Sample Oral History Interview
Processing Oral Histories
Using an Audio Recorder (Tascam DR-052)


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See an Actual Oral HIstory
Practice Choosing Oral History Interview Candidates
Learn How to Research Before an Oral History Interview
Learn How to Write Good Interview Questions
Learn How to Identify a Good Place to Conduct an Interview
Oral History Overview
Instructions for Audio Recorder (Tascam DR-052)

Seminar Materials

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For Teachers: Practice Choosing Oral History Interview Candidates (Printed Version)
For Students: Practice Choosing Oral History Interview Candidates (Printed Version)
Oral Histories Seminar with Lesson Plan
Oral Histories Seminar Activity Workbook
Oral Histories Seminar PowerPoint
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