On My Honor Award

The On My Honor Award is the Latter-day Saint religious award for Boy Scouts.

Award Requirements

To earn the On My Honor Award, young men must (1) complete the requirements for the Duty to God certificate for deacons (or for another Duty to God certificate) and (2) achieve the Scout rank of Star in the United States, or equivalent Scouting award in other countries.

Procedure for Giving the Award

The bishop controls the awarding of the On My Honor Award. He may have a clerk order the award directly from Church Distribution Services. The award may be presented by a member of the bishopric at a Scout court of honor or other appropriate setting. The On My Honor Award can be ordered through your local unit.

Wearing the Award

The award may be worn as part of the Scout uniform in ceremonial settings. The religious square knot patch may also be worn on the uniform.

Ordering the On My Honor Award

The On My Honor Award is available through Church Distribution Services, which can be accessed online at store.ChurchofJesusChrist.org.

—Ribbon badge for youth, item no. 32820 (U.S. $9.25 each; can be ordered only by Church units)