Young Men Auxiliary Training

Dear Young Men leaders:

As you prepare your training for quorum leaders and their advisers, we hope you will counsel together as a presidency and with your priesthood leaders regarding quorum leaders and advisers' needs and plan training that will meet those needs.

As a general presidency, we also invite you to consider the following goals:

1.  Help young men build relationships with their parents, peers, and advisers to strengthen their resolve to remain on the priesthood pathway and develop a relationship with God and Christ.

2.  Reinforce teaching principles for Come, Follow Me: Learning Resources for Youth that will support improved teaching and learning in the Church and in the home. 

3.  Lead Aaronic Priesthood quorums with power—understand the purpose of the quorums and effective use of agendas in conducting quorum and presidency meetings.

Our sincere thanks for your service and example to young men,

The Young Men General Presidency