Weltweite Schulung zum Thema Auf die Weise des Erretters lehren

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    Am 5. November 2016 haben Elder Jeffrey R. Holland und die Präsidenten und Präsidentinnen der Hilfsorganisationen ein weltweites Lehrerforum abgehalten. Dabei haben sie Fragen beantwortet und Erkenntnisse dazu weitergegeben, wie man auf die Weise des Erretters lehrt. Falls Sie die Veranstaltung verpasst haben oder sich noch einmal anschauen möchten, was besprochen wurde, können Sie sich hier die Aufzeichnung ansehen.

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    Miriam F vor 3 Jahren , Austria
    Thank you for this wonderful teachings. I am seminary teacher for four students from a small branch. Every morning is quiet a challenge for me to wake up, motivate und invite the Spirit,so that the students really feel uplifted and strengthened.One principle that I recognized during your meeting was to be more courageous to share my testimony. I will try to do that more frequently.
    Tilmann R vor 3 Jahren Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany
    3. Just a practical connotation: I know that we are invited to decide with the participants about the next topic to discuss. Since I guide both hours of the forum, it is a help for me to follow the order of the topics in the manual and prepare for this topic and discuss it with both groups, not to jump from one topic in the first group to another topic in the second group - loosing the overview about which topic we already had in which group. Is this legitimate or am I not engaged enough? I am looking forward to the teaching we will receive tomorrow evening (local time in Germany). I appreciate your example and guidance. Best regards, Tilmann R
    Tilmann R vor 3 Jahren Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany
    sorry for the redundancy, I didn't mean to post the first part thrice!Continuation: 2. If I understood correctly, we are invited to spend one hour on each topic, with the freedom to go faster or slower depending on the needs of the participants. The manual is divided into 4 parts with a total of 19 topics. This means, that we will spend roughly two years in the teachers forum to complete it. Taking the periodical changes of callings in consideration, some members will drop and others will join the teachers forum on the way so that we could probably just start over with the refreshed body of participants upon completing the manual. Or am I mistaken? ... one last part follows...
    Tilmann R vor 3 Jahren Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany
    Dear Elder Holland, thank you very much for the newly introduced teachers forum and its well prepared manual "teaching in the Lord's way." I cherish it a lot. I am called as a high council with the focus on seminary and teaching and I am also called to guide the teachers forum in my ward. We have been counceling together once a month for 3 months now. We invite the members that are called to teach in the last hour to come to the forum in the second hour, and those members who teach during sunday school to come to the forum in the last hour. In this way, we reach every teacher/leader, and I spend both hours after the sacrament meeting in the teachers forum, once a month. If it isn't too late yet for the worldwide teachers forum of tomorrow, I would like to send some of my thoughts and questions to you: 1. Is the before mentionned practical approach (both hours, once a month) to this teachers forum correct? (=Does it meet your expectations?)... to be continued ...
    Ruben T vor 3 Jahren Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
    Is the Bishopric / Branch Presidency (Bishop / Branch President, counselors, secretaries) invited to the Teacher Council Meetings?
    Stephan T vor 3 Jahren Steiermark, Austria
    sollen am forum zu den lehrern auch die gesamten leitungen der hilfsorganisationen teilnehmen oder jeweils nur ein vertreter?
    Peter A vor 3 Jahren Bayern, Germany
    Warum soll das Lehrerforum während des sonntäglichen Versammlungsschemas durchgeführt werden? Es bedeutet doch zusätzliche Opfer für alle Lehrer und Führer, einmal im Monat am Sonntag während der normalen Klassen die entsprechenden Lehrer in den beiden Lehrerforumsklassen unterzubringen. Für kleinere Gemeinden ergeben sich dadurch einige Probleme. Warum kann man das Lehrerforum nicht monatlich während der Woche durchführen?
    Roland K vor 3 Jahren Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany
    When I was told, that it is planned to change the 4 - years revolving - system for teaching and learning in Sunday- school, I was surprised that is is to be replaced by a yearly program like implemented for the for the youth already. The 4 years- period was never boring or the same, as we all made our own progresses, and another teacher always made another interesting approach on the same doctrines after four years. I was even more surprised to hear, that we won't even have teachers any more but only moderators in the future. Of course you can tell me now, that you have got a revealtion from the most high to change it in that way, but is this really a progress, I mean: you now have the same stuff every year, not much to choose, my teachers for the Sunday- school for the youth are telling me, that it is always the same for them, and after some years there's nothing new or more to come?
    Stefan W vor 3 Jahren Solothurn, Switzerland
    Hi all,I would like to know, how is it possible to touch the hearts of the students, without knowing exactly their challenges and problems? They don't tell you at the moment, when you are called to be their teacher, what challenges they have. Nevertheless it is important to teach their hearts by the Spirit.
    Manuel R vor 3 Jahren Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany
    I wish the lessons to be more connected to our weekly situations and challenges. I believe the gospel can help us practically in so many ways in our daily lives. We could discuss questions such as "How can I develop stronger faith in Jesus Christ?" , "How do I recognize promptings from the Holy Spirit?" or "How can I get more out of the sacrament meeting for myself?" and more. We can learn from each other's experiences, extend invitations with practical tasks and then follow up in the next lesson.Maybe this could even be done in an extra sunday school class like the current course of self-reliance.
    Manuel R vor 3 Jahren Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany
    I suggest to be more flexible with the current curriculum and manuals. Sometimes it looks like teachers in the church feel like they must cover all the chapters, verses, quotes etc as written in the manuals and we rush the lesson. It looks you're only a good teacher when you make it through. But often you can get so much out of even one verse only or one question is enough to talk and discuss in entire class.
    Sabine H vor 3 Jahren Bayern, Germany
    Will there be an update of videos used so far for Seminary, Institute and Sundayschool? Some of them are very helpful but very old.
    Mario T vor 3 Jahren Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany
    Are there any adjustments you have to make, when intruducing the teacher counsel meeting in a ward or branch, where teachers and leaders build the majority of the attendents during sunday classes?
    Martin T vor 3 Jahren Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany
    I have been teaching all kinds of classes in the church for over 30 years.I have also been teaching teachers how to teach. I know all the teaching guides of the church. I humbly mention this experience to tell what helped and still helps me most. In this sense I would like to add a remark on teaching like Jesus Christ:The most useful and practical help and instruction that we have in the church is a very simple one. It is quick to learn, it is easy to implement, but at the same time still challenging in every class. We find it in the topical guide of the english bible under `Jesus Christ, Teaching Mode of´. I found that a proper understanding and use of these 21 examples lifts the spirit and understanding of any class better than many of the other advices and sometimes complicated manuals that we have. And even this belongs to his methods: keep everything simple and practical and challenging and close to the scriptures - even when we teach how to teach.
    Anonymous User vor 3 Jahren Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany
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