Enjoy this worldwide broadcast that featured a conversation with the cast of Studio C. Youth may enjoy watching this event, in whole or in part, as a Mutual activity or with family or friends at home.

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About Studio C

Studio C is a sketch comedy television show and one of the most popular original series on BYUtv. With more than 565 million total views on their YouTube channel, they’re becoming quite a sensation on YouTube as well! The cast stars Whitney Call, Mallory Everton, Jason Gray, Matt Meese, Adam Berg, Stacey Harkey, Natalie Madsen, Stephen Meek, James Perry, and Jeremy Warner. Together, these faithful members of the Church strive to produce clean, family-friendly comedy for a worldwide audience.


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Ryan M 2 years ago Oregon, United States
I think that Whitney's explanation of the atonement was amazing. It really made me remember that Heavenly Father wants us to use our gift of the atonement and that we aren't hurting him by using it. Thank you.
Anonymous User 2 years ago Unknown Location
I'm having the same struggles as you, Mia, how do you bounce back up again after you feel like you hit rock bottom. Then, it's like someone comes in with a jackhammer. I really want to be who I was again, but I feel like the world is working against me.
Mia M 2 years ago Unknown Location
This is a question is for everyone. First I want to say to Mallory, Hi Mallory, I'm Mia Mallory and I struggle with Self- worth. Years of bullying has got me from being confident to a person who thinks I am not worth anything. How can I get back to being confiedent?
Mia M 2 years ago Unknown Location
Studio C has inspired me to follow my dreams. Stacey has helped me to become a better dancer. I thank every member of Studio C for being who you are.
Summer C 3 years ago Unknown Location
I love studio C!
Anonymous User 3 years ago Unknown Location
Anonymous User 3 years ago Utah, United States
Love these guys!!!:)
Cid A 4 years ago Davao del Norte, Philippines
I love them =)
Melissa E 4 years ago La Union, Philippines
amazing .
Marlene A 4 years ago Utah, United States
This is amazing!
Liam K 4 years ago Utah, United States
I.saw this and i felt the spirit
Mallory C 4 years ago Utah, United States
Many kids at my high school take the lords name in vain and also our saviors, I want to be able to stand up for what is right but I am too afraid too. How can I be less scared to tell them to stop?
Mallory C 4 years ago Utah, United States
How does being famous in a sense, affect your family, friends and even how you live the gospel?
Elizabeth W 4 years ago Kansas, United States
Thank you so much Studio C for sharing advice with us. I've never attended a dance, having turned 12 in June, but I'm excited to try the stank face when I'm old enough!
Kyndal J 4 years ago Alberta, Canada
I love Studio C and I loved the cast even more when we learned more about them! I've never been to a dance, being only twelve, but I'm excited for when I get to try out the Stank Face.

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