August 11, 2018

    Face to Face with Elder and Sister Stevenson

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    On August 11, 2018, Elder Gary E. Stevenson and his wife, Lesa, hosted a regional Face to Face event for youth where they answered questions from youth in Asia.

    Please post your thoughts and feelings in the comments section below. You can also share what you learned on the LDS Facebook page or on Twitter and Instagram using #LDSface2face.


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    Sabrina Z 2 years ago Unknown Location
    Will the face to face from Japan be available to watch in the USA? I can't find it anywhere.
    Ilonah A 2 years ago Bohol, Philippines
    How to Identify the better or even the best choice if we need to choose between two or more good choices?
    Benjamin S 2 years ago Utah, United States
    What is the meaning of the people called Anti-Nephi-Lehis and why?
    Benjamin S 2 years ago Utah, United States
    What ways could be the best to understand and study Isaiah's messages? Because I may need help understanding it and I think we're going to study the Old Testament in Seminary at high school this year.
    Sariah J 2 years ago Arizona, United States
    How do I help a friend had struggled with pornography?
    Anonymous User 2 years ago Utah, United States
    How can I learn to recieve and recognize promptings from the Holy Ghost?
    Hannah M 2 years ago Hawaii, United States
    How can we overcome our fears and weaknesses, especially when you can't seem to get any revelation/support from Heavenly Father?
    Benjamin H 2 years ago Utah, United States
    How do i replace my fear with faith and hope?
    KinKeo C 2 years ago Misamis Oriental, Philippines
    As a youth journeying this mortal life. What can I do that my life have success? It is good at 18 years old to serve on mission. Then after mission?
    Dallin A 2 years ago La Union, Philippines
    In making major decisions in life, I want to make sure that I make the right/best choice. I do pray to God to ask for confirmation if my decision is right but what does the burning bosom mean? How can I be sure that it is really the Holy Ghost that makes me feel it and it is not just coming from my own?
    Anonymous User 2 years ago Samar, Philippines
    Does matcha contains caffeine?
    Nakki U 2 years ago Rizal, Philippines
    Hello Elder and Sister Stevenson! As a YSA how can i help the youth and myself to know the limitations and how to feel worthily the spirit of the Lord. Thank you for visiting the Philippines! We love you
    Anonymous User 2 years ago Unknown Location
    Hi! I'm Diane or they call me as jambi, i'm 14 yrs old from Zamboanga stake, Philippines. As a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints , I want to choose who my friends are but how can I turn others (pertaining to the bad examples)down without hurting their feelings?
    Anonymous User 2 years ago Cebu, Philippines
    How can I tell a parent about keeping the word of wisdom?
    Michael E 2 years ago South Australia, Australia
    One of my friends are listening to the missionary lessons. She knows she needs to read, ponder and prayer about the Book of Mormon to receive an answer of its truthfulness. She comes to church almost every week. She has real intent. But still she doesn't feel like she has received an answer. What are some ways we as youth can better recognise the promptings of the Spirit?

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