August 5, 2017

Face to Face with Elder and Sister Renlund

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This broadcast for youth on the African continent streamed live from Ghana on August 5, 2017, and featured a discussion with Elder Dale G. Renlund of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles and his wife, Ruth. This event can be used in whole or in part for a Mutual activity, or youth can also watch with their friends or family at home. Youth can share what they felt during the event by commenting below.


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Introductory video 3:52
Opening song: “Nearer, My God, to Thee” 3:17
Elder Renlund’s opening remarks 2:15
How can I approach someone about the gospel? 7:00
How do I know when promptings are from the Holy Ghost? 4:33
Why does James say we should feel joy when we fall into temptation? 6:08
How can I live the gospel when I am the only member in my school? 4:01
Why is marriage sacred to Heavenly Father? 2:13
Why is it important to live the law of chastity? 5:44
How can young women receive the power and blessings of the priesthood? 2:22
Why is the law of tithing important, and how are the funds used? 5:58
Are there challenges and burdens in life that are not the result of sin? 4:46
How can I increase my faith? 5:05
How can I know when I have repented and been forgiven by the Lord? 5:42
What does it mean to partake of the sacrament worthily? 3:11
As a young woman, am I required to serve a full-time mission? 1:43
Why do I need the Book of Mormon? 2:39
Closing song: “I Need Thee Every Hour” 3:09
Elder and Sister Renlund's Closing Remarks and Testimony 4:01


Olivia W 4 years ago Utah, United States
I didn't see this Face to Face until now. WOW did I miss out on some amazing counsel. Thanks to Elder and Sister Renlund, many of my questions are answered. :)
Anonymous User 4 years ago California, United States
Until the release of the Church's gospel topic essays I was always taught that the Book of Abraham was a direct translation of Egyptian papyri. The essay on this topic indicates that it wasn't and that papari waere just a catalyst for the translation process. Why was this never taught before? Only now after so many members have struggled with the problems of the Book of Abraham has this essay been written. Why wasn't this theory more widely explained prior?
Anonymous User 4 years ago Colorado, United States
I am a young woman currently considering in enlisting in the Navy after my mission, is this a poor choice considering that it could potentially delay marriage for me, and put my duties as a woman on hold?
Edward H 4 years ago Utah, United States
Sister Renlund, what is your favorite scripture and how has that scripture blessed your life?
Alexis T 4 years ago Utah, United States
I know that you both had established careers, how did you balance those careers and raising children?
Norbert Q 4 years ago , Ghana
How can i love my enemies who hates, envy and insult me whenever i try to preach the true gospel to them.
Jones A 4 years ago , Ghana
How can i stay away from bad friends if they are the only friends i have and no one else likes me. What should i do.
Norbert Q 4 years ago , Ghana
how can the mission president help ward missionaries the full time missionaries.
Alexander F 4 years ago , Ghana
why don't you sing, dance and clap
Esther M 4 years ago Tobago, Trinidad and Tobago
how do i strive to keep the spirit even if i feel unworthy
Jones A 4 years ago , Ghana
How can i be kind and loving someone whose attitude is very bad?
Norbert Q 4 years ago , Ghana
What are some spiritual and temporal preparations for serving a full time mission?
Jones A 4 years ago , Ghana
What should i do persuade my Dad to attend Family Home Evening?
Jones A 4 years ago , Ghana
How can i help a member stop gambling? Jones, Ghana, 12 years
Nigel N 4 years ago Matabeleland North, Zimbabwe
How can youth develop strong testimonies to withstand the evil that is sweeping the world in their everyday lives. In other words how can they withstand the bad influences surrounding their lives each and everyday.

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