November 19, 2017

YSA Face to Face with Elder Oaks and Elder Ballard

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On November 19, 2017, Elder Dallin H. Oaks and Elder M. Russell Ballard hosted a Face to Face event for young single adults where they answered questions from YSAs around the world.

This event can be viewed at institute or with your family, ward members, or friends. Please post your thoughts and feelings in the comments section below. You can also share what you learned on the LDS Facebook page or on Twitter and Instagram using #LDSface2face.


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“I Feel My Savior’s Love” 3:52
Opening Remarks 2:31
How do I come to believe what I have been taught? 2:43
How can I stand up for my standards without offending others? 2:16
How can I differentiate between the Holy Ghost and my own feelings or desires? 4:04
What can homosexuals do to stay firm in the gospel, and how can others help? 6:25
What do you suggest to help someone with anxiety? 5:23
How can we achieve balance between the “worldly” and “spiritual” life? 4:02
As someone who is not a member, how can I know the Church is true? 2:43
Should you date someone who is struggling with pornography? 6:14
What advice do you have for answering questions from someone struggling with their faith? 6:02
What advice do you have for a new convert? 4:07
What is your counsel about receiving a spiritual confirmation about who to marry? 11:10
How can I experience the same type of spiritual moments I had during my mission? 4:28
What can I do to help reactivate my loved ones or friends who have gone inactive? 5:04
What is your advice on how to balance getting an education and raising a family? 2:42
What are your suggestions for keeping the Sabbath day holy? 6:23
How can I find the power to forsake my sins and receive forgiveness? 4:43
Elder Ballard’s Testimony 2:54
Elder Oaks’s Testimony 2:34
“I Need Thee Every Hour” 3:08


Herbert O 4 years ago Nile, Uganda
Well, am so grateful that the Lord has called such to be His servants because they are humble enough to listen to the spirit of the Lord as they speak, i've felt that they do so as i've been viewing the video.
Anonymous User 4 years ago Taipei, Taiwan
I loved watching this video! I did gain lots of knowledge about how to balance our life in the gospel. I'm so grateful that His church has been restored in this world! And I'm able to know Him! Thanks for everything!
Lebohang T 4 years ago Free State, South Africa
Iam very greatful for this wonderful face to face for young Adults i truly know from the depth of my soul that the Church Of JESUS CHRIST of Latter Day Saints it is true and Book of Mormon is the word of God and that if we hearken to the words it contains we will be blessed i love the owner of this Church even JESUS CHRIST He inspires me thru His teachings and the love I great every day for Him is most unspeakable but you can feel in your Heart i pledge with all my heart that i may merit the life and teachings of the Savior i promise all of you if you take chance and hear everyone who share this gospel that is wonderful and true and make us to be meek and look or search for the savior we are on His right side take time to know more but dont take time to make covenants with Him and understand how He Administered His children and how He taught His true Gospel that change lives and d build more and inspire to exaltation I LOVE TEMPLE IT makes feel pure and Holy and know more of G
Anonymous User 4 years ago Utah, United States
How can i tell if the church is true? Is a spiritual experience really a spiritual experience or just my subconscious mind ?
somuah b 4 years ago , Ghana
It was a moment in time where everything seems so right and the answers to the various questions were touching.I have heeded to council of elder Ballad were He said do away with the technology and speak face to face with the sister.I really appreciate their efforts.
Triahna C 4 years ago Unknown Location
I never thought an apostle could be so funny!! I loved this face to face event I loved hearing their personal stories anexity from Elder Ballard and that Elder oaks sharing about his mum and that I can have both.
Tanner P 4 years ago Utah, United States
Loved watching, what a wonderful devotional with them. Loved hearing their thoughts resonate with many of the things I have been feeling and impressions I have received. Further testifies that there are modern-day prophets and apostles on the earth today who receive revelation from Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. Love hearing their witnesses and seeing how personable they are. How awesome are they?! So funny too!
Rachel S 4 years ago Utah, United States
I love the face to face events. I feel the Spirit very strongly. We are very blessed to be able to have our personal questions answered. Because the Prophet and Apostales are the Lord's servants, this shows that God wants us to know that our questions are valid and our voices are heard. God is knowledge, wisdom, and light. He welcomes questions with the invitation, "if any if you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, who giveth to all men librally, and upraideth not". I also love how the Apostales say that we don't always have the perfect answers, but we do our best. This was an amazing event where I felt the Spirit very strongly, and I am grateful for the opportunity to watch these events.
Daniel U 4 years ago Rivers, Nigeria
A very inspiring face to face event. Loved all the questions and answers given by these ordained minister of God. Thanks.
Warren P 4 years ago Texas, United States
A wonderful event. Thank you Elder Oaks and Elder Ballard for your answers!! I'll forgive you for your thoughts on Texas
Crystal R 4 years ago Idaho, United States
First of all I want to say I feel a kinship with Elder Oaks. I need saving sometimes too with the things that I say. Second, as I have pondered what was said and the questions that I have in my heart, I have come to the conclusion that life is hard. What makes the difference is how you look at your situation. I will use my own life as an example. I think I can honestly say nothing in my life has turned out the way I wanted it since coming home from my mission. I struggle with those sins that, as the Book of Mormons puts it, "doth easily beset me," and I have issues wit depression. Despite all of this, I made a choice a while back that I was going to be happy. There are times when I have to remind myself of that choice every day or even multiple times a day. Instead of shaming myself everytime I sin, I do my best to turn to the Lord, tell Him I messed up again and make a goal with Him that instead of going four days between mess ups, I am going to go five days, then six, then seven.
Shoshanna M 4 years ago Arizona, United States
What a show!
Valentine M 4 years ago Mashonaland West, Zimbabwe
its nice to get instruction from tthe apostoles and lm felt the spirit talking to me
Zinakho N 4 years ago , South Africa
as a missionary the face to face was a really uplifting, some of these questions we face them in our daily activities and most importantly to know how to resist temptations and to be able to help our friends who are having difficulties. . .looking forward for the next one
Lulama M 4 years ago Eastern Cape, South Africa
I really did Enjoy the face to face and it did answer all of my Questions , really was Amazed of how the Apostles knew what to say and how to say it , i invited a friend to watch with me and she did admit that it really helped her with the questions that she had about life and all the challenges she is facing .

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