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Enjoy this broadcast from October 11, 2017, that featured musical artists Lexi Walker, Madilyn Paige, Nicole Luz, and Patch Crowe answering questions and performing several songs. The musicians were accompanied by Stephen Nelson and youth from the Lyceum Philharmonic at American Heritage School.

This event can be watched as part of a Mutual activity, or you can watch with your friends or family at home. Please share your feelings and thoughts about the event in the comment section below. You can also share what you learned on the LDS Youth Facebook page or on Twitter and Instagram using #LDSface2face.

Lexi Walker has performed around the world and with notable artists such as the Piano Guys, David Archuleta, Kristin Chenoweth, and Lindsey Stirling. She believes that music conveys what’s in our hearts, and she hopes that what she sings will uplift and inspire others.

Madilyn Paige competed on The Voice at age 16 and later released her first EP, which includes her single “Irreplaceable.” Madilyn continues to perform throughout the U.S. and Canada and is working on a new album of original music. She is passionate about helping youth get through the journey of life and enjoys sharing messages of self-worth.

Nicole Luz starred in the Brazilian version of American Idol at age 9 and Brazil’s version of The Voice Kids at age 13. Last year, Nicole participated in an international talent competition with 500 youth from 80 countries and won first runner-up in the teen category. Nicole has found exciting opportunities to share the gospel through her talents as she continues to build her music career.

Patch Crowe started his music career putting on Jackson 5 concerts for his stuffed animals. He made the transition to more enthusiastic audiences when he became a member of Beyond 5. In 2015 he went on his greatest adventure yet as a missionary in the Scotland/Ireland Mission. He is excited to share his love and testimony in new ways upon returning home.


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Seini M 2 years ago Tonga
fantastic I love the music
Joseph S 2 years ago Utah, United States
I was nineteen years old at the time of this devotional. I was serving a church service mission. The singers are awesome! I have some original Christian music written and performed by a couple artists at the devotional. Patch Crowe and Madilyn Paige, that is. They've both performed for recent EFY albums and Paige also has a song she wrote for the 2015 youth theme album "We're Just People". We're all God's children and He loves us with a perfect love. I know that Jesus Christ is truly our Savior and I love Him with all my heart and soul! I know He is watching over us and I am so grateful for our prophet President Nelson.
Chandler E 2 years ago Camarines Sur, Philippines
This was sooo great! I really love music, and thank for those wonderful thoughts given by those singer their testimony was helpful.Love this one!
Avery B 2 years ago Utah, United States
oh my goodness! I love music, and this was amazing!!!!!
Alliah J 2 years ago Davao del Sur, Philippines
I really loved their testimonies!
Ivan D 3 years ago Camarines Sur, Philippines
I watched this twice, i really love it!
Caroline S 3 years ago Tennessee, United States
this is amazing! it's so cool to see and hear from youth just like me!
Josue Z 3 years ago Unknown Location
Hailey C 3 years ago Unknown Location
I loved this devotional!!! You all are very talented!! (: face2face :)
Anonymous User 3 years ago Unknown Location
The opening song for this face to face is my ultimate favorite. Where can I find a recording that I can download or purchase?
Litocompresto M 3 years ago Unknown Location
I was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. Through circumstances out of my control, I was forced to leave Detroit and everything I owned and loved, including my instruments, violin and cello, and move to Georgia. I played weekly for two churches in Detroit, but I had to leave all that behind. It had been 20 years, and GOD impressed upon my very good friend, Sister Sharon Riley, to purchase a violin and cello for me. I was so happy. I have been practicing and improving with time. It is going to be a glorious come back after being rusty for 20 years. Old age have set in and my fingers are not as flexible as they used to be, but with the help of GOD, I will be back in living color. I can do all things through CHRIST who strengthens me. Stick around and see for yourself. I would love nothing more than to help praise GOD with my violin and cello. I thank GOD for my instruments, and I thank GOD for Sister Sharon Riley. I say these things in the name of JESUS CHRIST. Amen.
Litocompresto M 3 years ago Unknown Location
GOD has been very good to me, even during times of adversity. It's easy to rejoice when everything is going good and there appears to be no problems. But, the true test comes when you can "endure" in through adversity. As long as there is a devil there will be adversity. We are in a spiritual war against the devil, but we are not fighting alone. We are following our spiritual leader GOD/JESUS and our Commander-In-Chief. We only take orders from GOD and whom GOD sends for us to take orders from. We must remain humble. We must always listen to GOD's prophet, priests, and ministers cheerfully, not argumentatively. Then we must proceed to obey and do the work and the LORD thereby strengthening each other. This is never a one-time event. The more we carry out GOD's perfect plan, the stronger, wiser, and more powerful we become. We will win every battle with the LORD by our side, and when the battle is over, we will claim the victory and put on our golden crowns.
Shaquelle G 3 years ago Unknown Location
i love the face to face musical i think it was a good idea
Daryl D 3 years ago Unknown Location
I really love this face to face. I have felt the spirit in the entire event. I really love them.
Brynn B 3 years ago Unknown Location
I love music! I've been singing since I was 3. I play three other instruments, and your talents and testimonies inspire me. Thank you all so much!

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