This worldwide broadcast streamed live on March 4, 2017, featured a discussion with President Henry B. Eyring, First Counselor in the First Presidency, and Elder Jeffrey R. Holland of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. This event can be used in whole or in part for a Mutual activity, or youth can also watch with their friends or family at home. Youth can share what they felt during the event by commenting below.


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mp3: ”We Thank Thee, O God, for a Prophet”

mp3: “Thy Will Be Done”


Worldwide Open and Introductory Video 3:47
Opening song: “We Thank Thee, O God, for a Prophet” 3:04
President Eyring’s Opening Remarks 2:38
What can you do when you feel your faith is decaying? 3:31
What can we learn about personal revelation from the First Vision? 3:52
What do we learn about the nature of God from the First Vision? 3:10
How can I better understand and feast on the scriptures? 3:06
How can I tell the difference between the Holy Ghost and my emotions? 4:40
How can I feel the Holy Ghost more often? 4:13
How can I help my family members who are less-active? 6:28
How can I improve my prayers? 9:17
How can I get comfort from my patriarchal blessing? 6:18
How can I share the gospel without offending others? 10:29
What is the Atonement of Jesus Christ, and how can I receive its blessings? 9:38
What can I do to stay positive and know that I am enough? 7:53
What does the phrase “nothing wavering” mean in James 1:6? 4:30
Song: “Thy Will Be Done” 3:05
Elder Holland’s closing remarks and testimony 3:57
President Eyring’s closing remarks, challenge, and testimony 3:15


Emma R 4 years ago California, United States
I had been struggling today and thought to go on to help me. I love this face-to-face and it has made me a stronger person. Thank you President Eyring and Elder Holland so much.
Anonymous User 4 years ago Maryland, United States
It has been two months since I have watched this Face to Face. Recently, I have being asking myself and God a lot of questions. But then I found a link to this Face to Face again and every single question I had is answered right here. This is amazing and I feel like this is Gods way of saying that He is there and wants me to understand and feel his love.
Nikkolet A 5 years ago Utah, United States
Kaja K 5 years ago Idaho, United States
I am a big theater nerd. I love to be on stage I have been acting since I was two. I am doing a musical I love it but, the directors I feel are emotionally beliding the whole cast. I want to say how I feel but, if I do I could lose my lead role. What should I do?
Felix I 5 years ago Akwa Ibom, Nigeria
waw this will truly help me to grow i which every LDS member will have this previlliage to wish this
Reganne M 5 years ago Colorado, United States
President Eyring and Elder Holland, thank you so much for this spiritual experience. I know that some of the answers you gave for the questions were ones that I really needed to hear. Thank you so much for giving the youth of the church light and direction!
Anonymous User 5 years ago Utah, United States
This Face To Face has answered many of my questions. My youth leaders gave us a challenge at the beginning of the year to have a question and to search for an answer throughout the year. This Face To Face has answered my question and has given me a different perspective of many other topics. Thank You!
Sarah S 5 years ago California, United States
I had so much fun watching this. Thanks to all those who made it possible!
Joshua C 5 years ago Hawaii, United States
The main thing that impressed upon me personally was the clear focus on the importance of studying our scriptures and the answers we can get from then. I also really enjoyed the discussion on the subject of prayer, and how we should approach God when praying. When I first heard what they were saying I was a little confused, because I felt like they were saying that prayers cannot be personal. After pondering about it I realized that prayers can and should be personal, but that we should be aware of how we approach God, and approach him in prayer respectfully, as our Heavenly Father, not as a peer. Excellent broadcast.
Anonymous User 5 years ago California, United States
I really enjoy reading the scriptures and such, but sometimes I feel I have to drag myself to make sure I have time to read them. Do you have any tips?
Esther K 5 years ago , Samoa
Most of the questions that we're asked caught me by surprise because it was so similar to the questions I had always asked myself back then but had never felt the decency to talk to someone about it. It would always slip my mind whenever I am given the time to ask. I have come to know the challenges that I face gets more challenging as each day passes but after last night's devotional to watch the broadcast, I am more spiritually filled than I ever was. That being said, one of the challenges that held me back was 'perfection'. Every time I fall, I always have a hard time getting back up not because I was afraid to get back up, but because I have a hard time accepting why did I even fall down in the first place. But after hearing President Eyring share that "We're not perfect and we think we fall shortly but WE DO" followed by Elder Holland to fight through it. I have never felt at peace. Thank you for this broadcast! It was my first time watching one.
Anonymous User 5 years ago Utah, United States
Should I be afraid to get my patriarical blessing if it may contain warnings about my future?
Katie W 5 years ago Michigan, United States
when you get picked on how can u feel the spirit?
Anonymous User 5 years ago Utah, United States
How do you know when it is the right time to receive your patriarchal blessing, and how best can you prepare?
Daniel B 5 years ago Utah, United States
very spuritual exactly what i needed

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