June 24, 2014

Face to Face with David Archuleta

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Watch a recording of a conversation with former American Idol contestant and returned missionary David Archuleta, moderated by Young Men General President David L. Beck and Young Women General President Bonnie L. Oscarson. David answers questions from youth around the world and describes his decision to postpone a successful music career to serve the Lord. He also tells stories from his mission, gives advice for future missionaries, and shares his testimony in word and song.

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Anonymous User 2 years ago Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo
I really like his music and it inspired me, You are the Best my Dear Brother David.
Milky A 2 years ago Unknown Location
you are a good example to every one brother david. i saw in philippines mtc
Summer C 3 years ago Unknown Location
when did david archuleta came back from his mission?
Cindy P 3 years ago Minnesota, United States
David Archuleta has been one of the people who was instrumental for my conversion as well as other music and musicians and singers. I love music too and it is very moving to me and many of the songs he sings has been instrumental in me seeking out the LDS Church and learning more about what it is and what it means to be a Mormon. I started to investigate and have since been baptised and have joined a church that is five minutes down the road from my home. ( Can you believe it! ) I was led by the spirit. NO one knocked on my door I looked for God and the church he wanted me to attend I prayed about it for years and investigated many churches and religions. I was led by prayer and the promptings of the spirit to find my Church and the place I belong. 3 I am so grateful that Father God put things into my life that led me on this journey I am now living. Music is a universal language and can reach so many people It can change lives!
Matthew B 4 years ago Washington, United States
Who IS David Archuleta????????
Anonymous User 4 years ago Unknown Location
very nice
Kyndal J 4 years ago Alberta, Canada
I love David Archuleta's songs! I especially love Numb!
Nora H 4 years ago Mississippi, United States
He is so amazing.
Daryl D 4 years ago Agusan del Norte, Philippines
his amazing :) voice and attitudes is fantastic that's why He's blessed always :)
Lena H 5 years ago Idaho, United States
I love David archuleta