Globalni sastanak duhovne misli za mlade odrasle osobe: Događaj Licem u lice sa

    starješinom Quentinom L. Cookom

    Dana 9. rujna 2018. starješina Quentin L. Cook bio je domaćin događaja Licem u lice za mlade odrasle osobe na kojem su on i dvoje crkvenih povjesničara, sestra Kate Holbrook i brat Matt Grow, odgovorili na pitanja mladih odraslih osoba iz cijelog svijeta usmjerena na povijest Crkve.

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    Fetuao T prije 4 mjeseca Unknown Location
    This makes me feel more comfortable and answer some of my questions that i faced nowadays..
    Preston W prije 10 mjeseci Unknown Location
    It looks like the videos of the individual questions are broken.
    William O prije 10 mjeseci Unknown Location
    Its was such a wonderful experience listening to the church leaders inspired by the spirit discuss about church history . and we saints over here in Uganda and in particular mpumudde ward are edified
    Tyler N prije 10 mjeseci Unknown Location
    What is the history of the witnesses of The Book of Mormon from the Whitmer Family? Where are their families today?
    Jasmin L prije 10 mjeseci Unknown Location
    As I opened the, I saw this segment and I had no doubts on watching it! I felt nostalgic while watching this segment of Face2Face in Nauvoo. My heart is overwhelmed! My eyes keep on holding back my tears. The Spirit was so strong! My Faith and Testimony about the enormous influence and PART of the Prophet Joseph Smith in the Restoration was and it will be forever strengthened because of Elder Quentin L. Cook, Sister Holbrook and Brother Grow's testimonies and inspirations. All of my questions were answered tonight! No regrets I gave my free-time watching this very spiritual segment of the Face2Face. I am and will be forever grateful for the Prophet Joseph Smith's experiences and testimonies. I love Him and I sustain Him. I testify all of the things mentioned tonight is and was true. :)
    Emily S prije 10 mjeseci Unknown Location
    I know that In the early days of the church peligamy was practice by Joseph Smith and some of the prophets. My father has brought to my eattention that it is still practiced today. I asked him how and He explained to me that when a man is married to a women and that women passes a way he can be sealed to another women as well. This has greatly troubled me! Isn’t this practicing piligamy? In heaven and when we are resurrected again he will be married to two women. My father is inactive, but I do love him. I’ve just been troubled by this for many months.
    Dante C prije 10 mjeseci Unknown Location
    thank you.
    Anonymous User prije 10 mjeseci Unknown Location
    I feel like Sexual Intimacy in Marriage is a taboo topic in the Church, mainly in regards to what is safe to practice, and what we should avoid. Why does the Church not come out with a more direct or specific guidelines, regarding intimacy for Husbands and Wives?
    Emily B prije 10 mjeseci Idaho, United States
    Thank you for this wonderful broadcast!
    익명의 사용자 prije 10 mjeseci Hawaii, United States
    I have friends who always ask me about the church history. I always told them what i know but its always made them make fun of me. How can i do or tell them so they wont laugh at me?
    Amber M prije 10 mjeseci Massachusetts, United States
    There are so many wonderful unanswered questions that have been asked. Is there any way our questions can still be answered? Perhaps they can be forwarded to our respective Bishop or Stake President so that they can still be answered?
    Usuario anónimo prije 10 mjeseci Arizona, United States
    How do I become strengthened by the Atonement of Jesus Christ? I want to obey all of the commandments of God, or even just have enough faith. How can I do it? I know it's possible.
    Levi J prije 10 mjeseci Arizona, United States
    What can I do in order to be a better member of the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints?
    Ryan S prije 10 mjeseci Utah, United States
    I have a hard time praying and asking questions while I study. What can I do to improve my ability to form good faith building spiritual questions?
    Brigida Y prije 10 mjeseci Nevada, United States
    How can I help my family to understand that after so many years of growing up and being strong and active in the Catholic Church, Heavenly Father decided that I was to be apart of the LDS church?

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