Worldwide Devotional for Young Adults: A Face to Face Event with

Elder Quentin L. Cook

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On September 9, 2018, Elder Quentin L. Cook hosted a Face to Face event for young adults where he and two Church historians, Sister Kate Holbrook and Brother Matt Grow, answered questions focused on Church history from young adults around the world.

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“The Morning Breaks” 3:11
Opening Remarks 5:51
Why isn’t the Church more open about controversial Church history topics? 6:31
How will the new history of the Church include members around the world? 3:05
What are some good online resources to find correct answers? 6:48
Why was it necessary for Joseph Smith and others to practice polygamy? 10:07
Why are the various accounts of Joseph Smith’s First Vision different? 3:40
What is the importance of events that happened in the Kirtland Temple? 3:40
How did Joseph Smith translate the Book of Mormon? 8:06
What can we learn about standing firm during trials from the early Saints? 7:43
What does the Restoration mean to you? 10:57
“The Spirit of God” 5:09