A Face to Face Event with Elder Gerrit W. Gong

    Children and Youth


    On November 17, 2019, Elder Gerrit W. Gong will participate in a Face to Face event for all children and youth (ages 7–18), parents, and leaders. He will be joined by Sister Joy D. Jones, Sister Bonnie H. Cordon, and Brother Stephen W. Owen.  

    The event will focus on the upcoming Children and Youth effort, which will begin in January of 2020. The guests will answer questions about the effort from children and youth from around the world. If you would like to submit a question, you can do so below. 

    The event will be broadcast live. We invite you to gather as families and friends in meetinghouses, homes, or other locations to participate. You can view the event live on this page, the ChurchofJesusChrist Facebook page, or YouTube. 


    Anonymous User 2 days ago California, United States
    If The Ward has a small YW, and only one or two classes, could they meet before class to say the new theme? Will the Children's books still have the Gosple Standerds?
    Courtney C 2 days ago Arizona, United States
    Why don't the YM have a class president, counselors, and a secretary while the YW do?
    Alexandra D 2 days ago Missouri, United States
    As a primary president how do I implement the new initiative for my once cub scouts and my current Activity day girls. What leaders do I now need? Do I split them into age groups like in the past for the boys or are they all together? What guidelines do we follow in planning activities if we no longer have books like Faith in god, Wolf, Bear, and Webelos? Where do the boys who are 10 turning 11 after January 1st fit into the new program. They used to be on an island on their own called 11 year old scouts they no longer belonged to cub scouts and are not old enough for Young Mens?
    Janae A 2 days ago Oregon, United States
    Would love more clarification on the YW Presidents /church officer role...
    Anonymous User 2 days ago Texas, United States
    The youth have four areas to set goals: spiritual, social, physical, and intellectual but I don't see why we need to have the three other areas of emphasis: gospel learning, service and activities, and personal development. I can't wrap my mind around why both are necessary. I'm confused about how to integrate both of them. Could you explain this?
    Anonymous User 2 days ago Massachusetts, United States
    I feel like by meeting only twice a month on Sundays with the Young Women, we have lost some of the unity we used to share, especially connections between older and younger girls. The older girls are busy and often don’t attend our midweek activities. What can we do to regain that?
    Anonymous User 3 days ago Washington, United States
    How do you envision youth leaders being motivated to give laser like focus to youth, with what appears to be a currently very open structure and little guidance? Also also do you envision for a replacement on scout camps will they have stake young men’s camps similar to girls camps?
    Anonymous User 3 days ago Idaho, United States
    My mother is struggling with understanding the new program and to be honest I'm struggling to figure out what has actually changed. So far what I got is that we're putting emphasis on family involvement and trying to encourage children and youth to receive their own personal revelation.
    Anonymous User 3 days ago Washington, United States
    What is the YM theme? What do they stand and say? Where is the YM Camp guide? Can you clarify high adventure for YM AND YW?
    Victoria H 3 days ago Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
    As a seminary teacher, I see the youth every morning for an hour and together we learn extensively from inspired lessons and scriptures. I think my question relates to the fact that we see them for an hour every day. That is a significant opportunity! Is there anything we can do to strengthen the youth as they embark on the new youth program? Or is seminary an independent program to provide the gospel learning component? I'm looking for a yes/no and if yes, what would you suggest is a way forward to use our daily contact to align our efforts with this new direction?
    Courtney C 3 days ago Arizona, United States
    Why is the Young Women's theme changing? Also, why don't the YM have a ward president, counselors, and a secretary, while the YW do?
    Robin H 3 days ago California, United States
    Since there won't be "mutual" and activity days or cubs, what will be call those night events for both the youth and the primary children (boys and girls) to differentiate?
    Anonymous User 3 days ago Utah, United States
    Please provide more guidance and suggestions on how we should work with parents with the new program. I understand the importance of making the new youth program, home centered, church supported but how do we as leaders do that without stepping in too much. How do we incorporate the new program into weeknight activities without overstepping what families are doing? Should we be making our weeknight activities focused on those four new categories? The cost for FSY was higher than I would have expected. Girls camp can be expensive for our families as well. But the ward members don't like us doing fundraisers because it can be burdensome on the ward to feel like they have to pay for all the youth activities, since we can't advertise fundraisers outside the ward boundaries. I worry about the budget for both FSY and girls camp and how we are going to pay for our large ward.
    Anonymous User 3 days ago California, United States
    Our stake and surrounding stakes are creating a new scout troop comprised mostly of members who want to continue with Scouting. Many of the goals of scouting will fit nicely with the new youth program goals if youth want to continue along that path. However, I am trying to determine whether our leaders are (nicely) urging us to move away from Scouting and toward a completely separate goal setting plan. I would appreciate guidance to know whether continuing with an independent Scouting troop can fit with the new youth program and its goals or whether that is discouraged moving forward.
    Kim G 3 days ago Utah, United States
    Who will be responsible for expenses associated with activities. If the young women are in charge of activities, but most are not in a position to fund them, how will that work? With the new program will the parents be more involved in the preparations of activities or will the young women "delegate" to the leaders?

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