Face to Face Event with President and Sister Oaks

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On February 23, 2020, President and Sister Oaks participated in a Face to Face event for children, youth, parents, and leaders, where they answered questions from around the world focusing on the Children and Youth program.

Please post your thoughts and feelings about this broadcast on social media using the hashtag #face2face or #strivetobe. You can see what others have shared below.


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Opening video and song:  Come Ye Children of the Lord 4:55
What have youth learned about the new program so far? 5:23
Video:  Goal setting process 3:42
How have youth come closer to God and received revelation? 5:43
Video:  You can do this individually 6:35
What have youth learned on goals, revelation, and overcoming obstacles? 6:49
President and Sister Oaks answer questions from youth 12:33
Video:  You can do this as a family 4:08
How has this program and Come, Follow Me helped you as a family? 12:40
Video:  You can do this as a quorum or class 4:05
How are youth working together as quorums and classes? 5:11
What have youth felt impressed to do as a result of our discussion? 4:37
President and Sister Oaks answer questions about motivating youth 4:07
President and Sister Oaks share closing remarks 4:33