A Face to Face Event with Elder Gerrit W. Gong

    Children and Youth


    On November 17, 2019, Elder Gerrit W. Gong will participate in a Face to Face event for all children and youth (ages 7–18), parents, and leaders. He will be joined by Sister Joy D. Jones, Sister Bonnie H. Cordon, and Brother Stephen W. Owen.  

    The event will focus on the upcoming Children and Youth effort, which will begin in January of 2020. The guests will answer questions about the effort from children and youth from around the world. If you would like to submit a question, you can do so below. 

    The event will be broadcast live. We invite you to gather as families and friends in meetinghouses, homes, or other locations to participate. You can view the event live on this page, the ChurchofJesusChrist Facebook page, or YouTube. 


    Tiffany H 2 days ago British Columbia, Canada
    "At the general and stake levels, we will continue to have Young Men presidencies. At the stake level, a high councilor will be the Young Men president13 and will, with the high councilors assigned to Young Women and Primary, be part of the stake Aaronic Priesthood–Young Women committee. These brethren will work with the stake Young Women presidency on this committee. With a counselor to the stake president as chair, this committee will have increased importance because many of the programs and activities in the new Children and Youth initiative will be at the stake level." - Elder Quentin L. Cook I'm hoping for more information about the stake Aaronic Priesthood–Young Women committee and Primary's role. I'm looking for direction on how many Stake Primary activities should be held annually as referenced at the end of the above quote.
    Jessica B 2 days ago Mississippi, United States
    So excited for the new program, and I love the new YW theme. Will we still have YW in Excellence and New Beginnings? How will we help our youth track their progress? Will there be an award they can earn somehow like the YW Medallion?
    Anonymous User 2 days ago Florida, United States
    How do all the regularly scheduled summer youth activities (FSY, youth conference, young men and young women camps, etc) comport with a home centered and church supported youth program? It seems that often times youth and leaders can be overbooked with all of the summer church activities that family summer activities are not possible.
    Anonymous User 2 days ago Pennsylvania, United States
    Are we going to have some sort of system like we had with personal progress, where we can see how far we've come from the beginning and feel accomplished when we earn our ribbons and our YW medallion?
    Lindsy K 3 days ago Utah, United States
    As a YW leader I can speak for our presidency when I say we are excited about all of the new inspired changes in the program. I think we are a bit confused when it comes to the role of a "Specialist" and what her duties might be. Could you shed more light on this? Thank you.
    Tyler E 3 days ago New Mexico, United States
    Without boys scout being not around anymore and the new program coming how will The new program help with my further life.
    Amanda H 3 days ago Arizona, United States
    1. With the four areas of focus with ages 7-11 it could be difficult to make plans to help all the Primary children with their goals. What are some ways to meet the needs of all the Primary children and their goals? What support should we be giving for children whose family are not making goals? 2. Should the Activities for boys and girls meet at the same time as the YM/YW? 3. How can we as Primary leaders make sure that families are feeling supported in their family goals?
    Anonymous User 3 days ago California, United States
    Would love more clarification or specifics on Elder Cook's comment about many more activities being at the stake level. Also, with transporting youth, we are to avoid one on one scenarios and just need to make sure we have 2 or more youth in the car. However if we do add a second adult to the vehicle, do they have to be a youth protection trained leader or can it be any parent/adult?
    Anonymous User 3 days ago Florida, United States
    We were told in the recent training meeting by a stake presidency member that this program, for us, will fail if the bishoprics do not assure that quorum presidency meetings occur. Elder Cooks talk shed a lot of light on this point. YM advisers will not be assigned to attend these meetings I hope. With too many adults in the room the boys will be less apt to lead. I am currently in a YM presidency and I feel like I might become an adviser. I do not want to be in the awkward meetings where I am in a quorum presidency meeting but not actually part of the presidency unless the role is clearly defined.
    Anonymous User 3 days ago Utah, United States
    It appears from the October 5 materials that each class/quorum should have "one adviser." Does that mean "at least one adviser" or does that mean "one and only one adviser"? In other words, does every other adult working with that class/quorum have to be labeled a "specialist" or can there be assistant advisers? The word "adviser" implies that the adult helps with a wide variety of things in the class/quorum, whereas the term "specialist" implies that the adults helps with a narrow subset of things in the class/quorum. Does the label for the "Young Women 12-13" class refer to a class for Young Women who will be turning 12 or 13 during the current year or is it a class for Young Women who are 12 or 13 on January 1 of the current year?
    Pamela G 3 days ago Kentucky, United States
    How are class presidents and their counselors picked?
    Diane O 3 days ago North Carolina, United States
    What will be the responsibilities of the stake and ward Primary presidencies in the new Primary activity effort? Will responsibilities of ward and stake Primary leaders for the new effort be added to Handbook 2?
    Celeste H 3 days ago Idaho, United States
    1. Are there certain age guidelines for the primary boys to be divided for their activities or is it however we feel inspired? 2. Should the leaders for the primary boys activities be men or could theu be married couples?
    Kenton B 3 days ago Utah, United States
    Now that we have retired the "Beehives, Mia Maids, and Lorals" how will we organize to groups? Will there be like group A and group B?
    Anonymous User 3 days ago Arizona, United States
    For the Program, will EFY still be a thing but have it every other year? Also, will people still stay at dorms for it?

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