A Face to Face Event with Elder Gerrit W. Gong

    Children and Youth


    On November 17, 2019, Elder Gerrit W. Gong will participate in a Face to Face event for all children and youth (ages 7–18), parents, and leaders. He will be joined by Sister Joy D. Jones, Sister Bonnie H. Cordon, and Brother Stephen W. Owen.  

    The event will focus on the upcoming Children and Youth effort, which will begin in January of 2020. The guests will answer questions about the effort from children and youth from around the world. If you would like to submit a question, you can do so below. 

    The event will be broadcast live. We invite you to gather as families and friends in meetinghouses, homes, or other locations to participate. You can view the event live on this page, the ChurchofJesusChrist Facebook page, or YouTube. 


    Aaron A 2 days ago Utah, United States
    I am curious if Sunday primary teachers will be involved in weeknight activities for the children or if those will remain separate callings as they were with cub scouts.
    Shelly R 2 days ago Arizona, United States
    I am in yw program with 13 yw. 8 were baptized in last year. 6 of these have no parent who is a member. Of the other 7 only 3 have active parent. So, basically 10 of 13 do not have a home life that promotes gospel learning or standards. Suggestions on how to use this program with yw who will receive no gospel support outside church time?
    Anonymous User 2 days ago Arizona, United States
    Are the Young Women values going away with the theme? Is not, are these still values we should incorporate into the organization?
    Anonymous User 2 days ago Washington, United States
    For Girls' Camp, will YCLs still continue to be 16 and 17 year old girls (or 5th and 6th year campers)? Will the transition from camper to YCL be on a girl's 16th birthday, or on the January of the year that she turns 16? Similarly, is the age that boys can attend Camp Helaman affected at all? On a different subject, if a young woman is partway through her Personal Progress at the end of 2019, and has been diligently working on it, can she still complete it during 2020 and get her medallion? Or will she not be able to get the medallion after December 31st 2019?
    Nicolle P 2 days ago Arizona, United States
    Can yw classes be adjusted so that girls in the same birth year can be in different classes organized by grade or needs instead? How does the partnering of ym and yw groups coordinate now if there are various yw groups (in our ward four groups) but still only one deacons, teacher and priest quorom? Do we have the flexibility in our wards to determine how ym and yw will align?
    Ben S 2 days ago Texas, United States
    How will the children’s activity program during the week be tied into their individual goals?
    Anonymous User 2 days ago Utah, United States
    As a mother, I'm biting my nails. I have a lot of unity concerns. I worry they're not going to take care of my child well at Primary Day Camp or Activity Days based on previous poor supervision and risky choices--help! I sustain my leaders, but I come from a ward that hardly ever looks at guidelines and there's been a lot of disrespect over my rights as a parent so far. If my child has different interests, won't kids refuse to come or complain if it's his turn to have an activity that fits his goals? Unlike other commenters, I'm not voting for unity based on grade, not everyone goes to the same school and developmental differences aren't as pronounced with older youth. I'm thrilled that some YW in some wards (sigh) will have age diversity like RS--I think it will inspire the younger ones. I yearned to have the older girls strengthen me, but was forced to interact with my grade who didn't like me and had already formed cliques this also hurt my younger sister's well being too.
    Lori V 2 days ago Washington, United States
    Will we still be allowed to do fundraising?
    Anonymous User 2 days ago Colorado, United States
    We’d like to organize our young women according to grades in school. Is this okay? And, if so, can we change classes as needed in August (start of school) or do rotations between classes have to happen in January? Also, if we have more than 3 YW classes, how do we divide presidency members between classes and how do we have 2 leaders per group?
    Tim K 3 days ago Utah, United States
    I know that awards were very expensive under the scouting program and the YW awards were more modest in their costs. I love the framework of the new program, but I am wondering what we can do to recognize our youth when they achieve goals. I think it will be really important to recognize all of the hard work these youth will be putting into setting thoughtful goals and hopefully achieving them.
    Brock M 3 days ago Oregon, United States
    What are some great ways that stake YM leadership can train and support ward YM efforts for bishoprics and their advisors?
    Anonymous User 3 days ago Utah, United States
    Food has been a big part of youth activities until now, which is problematic for many youth who have health concerns or allergies that alter their diet. It also seems much of the food is convenience foods or treats that are not supportive of a healthy diet for growing and developing young people. Will there be more guidelines to either limit food or encourage more awareness and inclusion for the youth in each group with special diet needs? It has been impossible for some youth to attend some activities simply because of the types of food made part of the activities, and this includes during Sunday meetings. It seems we need to be sure that people are the priority over the kinds of food being served, but not exactly sure what the guidelines currently are or what they may be as the youth programs are transitioning. It seems transitioning is a good time to address the current problem to make the activities and class meetings more inviting, welcoming, and safe for as many youth as possible
    Jane J 3 days ago Idaho, United States
    Where is the test for the protecting children and youth training
    Amanda D 3 days ago Delaware, United States
    I am a newly called YW President. Our ward is in a rural area and many of our young women live 30 minutes to an hour from each other and our meetinghouse. This distance is often an obstacle for the youth and their parents in getting them to and from our weekly activities. I strongly believe in meeting often for fellowshipping and strengthening each other, but I do not want to burden families or exclude young women who can’t attend as consistently as others. Is there a way we could hold occasional “virtual” meetings via Vidyo, Skype, or some other video platform so that regardless of location or distance apart, our sweet young women could still participate? Do you know of any youth programs doing this already? Have they been successful? What advice or recommendations could they offer? Thank you!
    Fatima K 3 days ago California, United States
    How can I offer support to my grandchildren (young ones and young teenagers) with this new children and youth program. Do I ask permission to their parents?

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