Celebrating a Life of Service

From his earliest days as a boy growing up in his Salt Lake City neighborhood to the decades of service he has given in his adult years, President Thomas S. Monson has always sought to lift up the downtrodden, inspire the downhearted, and stand as a witness of Jesus Christ.

President Monson has had plenty of opportunities to serve others during his 85 years of life.

Many of these opportunities began when, at age 22, he was called to preside as bishop over a congregation with more than a thousand members, including 85 widows—whom he visited regularly.

On the Lord’s Errand

Learn about the life experiences that helped prepare President Monson to serve as the Lord's prophet.


Another opportunity to serve presented itself when President Stephen L. Richards of the First Presidency asked 31-year-old Thomas Monson to direct the work of 168 missionaries as president of the Canadian mission.

The service President Monson has provided to others can all be traced back to one driving force: his love for the Lord and love for his fellowman.

President James E. Faust (1920-2007) said of President Monson, “No one in this world is more loyal than Tom Monson. Once you are Tom’s friend, you are his friend forever. That mind of his doesn’t forget anything, but neither does his heart—especially people.”

Leading by his example of lifelong service and obedience to the Lord, President Monson has become a trusted and beloved prophet, sharing wisdom and counsel from the Spirit—always with a story, a touch of humor, and his great love for others and for the Lord.