“You Speak and Teach with Power and Authority from God,” Prophet Tells Women at Historic Session of General Conference

    October 5, 2019
    “The heavens are just as open to women who are endowed with God’s power flowing from their priesthood covenants as they are to men who bear the priesthood.”
    In a session that included more important announcements related to young women and the announcement of 8 new temples, this important teaching from President Russell M. Nelson was the cornerstone of his message to the women of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
    “As a righteous, endowed Latter-day Saint woman, you speak and teach with power and authority from God,” President Nelson said. “Whether by exhortation or conversation, we need your voice teaching the doctrine of Christ. We need your input in family, ward, and stake councils. Your participation is essential and never ornamental!”
    President Nelson invited women to better understand how to access the power of God in their lives by prayerfully studying Doctrine and Covenants section 25, learning by the Spirit what is needful in their lives and what they can do without, and more fully participating in the work of salvation.
    “My dear sisters, your power will increase as you serve others. Your prayers, fasting, time in the scriptures, and service in temple and family history work will open the heavens to you.”

    Inspired Adjustments to the Young Women Program

    “We are witnessing an outpouring of revelation that is both soul-stretching and exhilarating,” said Sister Bonnie H. Cordon, Young Women General President, before announcing adjustments to the worldwide organization.
    To help young women gain greater faith in Jesus Christ and a sure knowledge that they are daughters of God, Sister Cordon announced a revision to the Young Women theme that eliminates “we” and focuses on “I” to highlight how these truths apply individually.

    Sister Cordon invited young women to study and ponder the words of the new theme and said understanding these truths would change the way they face challenges and help them better align their will with the Savior’s.
    In an effort to build greater unity, strengthen friendships, and increase a feeling of belonging within Young Women, Sister Cordon shared adjustments to how Young Women classes would be organized. Ward Young Women leaders and bishops are now invited to prayerfully consider how to organize classes by age, based on the needs in their ward. Additionally, the class names of Beehive, Mia Maid, and Laurel are retired, and all classes should be referred to by the unifying name of Young Women.
    Sister Cordon went on to say that no matter how classes are organized, each class needs a class presidency because they play an important role in the work of salvation.
    “You are an essential part of the solution to meeting the needs of your brothers and sisters,” said Sister Cordon. “As we diligently implement these adjustments, may we never lose sight of our purpose: to strengthen our resolve to follow Jesus Christ and help others come unto Him.”

    Honoring the Name of Jesus Christ

    Sister Lisa L. Harkness, First Counselor in the Primary General Presidency, spoke about the importance of honoring the name of Jesus Christ as baptized members of His Church.
    “Our promise to always remember the Savior gives us strength to stand for truth and righteousness—whether we are in a large crowd or in our solitary places, where no one knows our actions except for God,” said Sister Harkness. “When we remember Him and His name we bear, we have no place for self-degrading comparisons or overbearing judgments. With our eyes on the Savior, we see ourselves for who we really are—a cherished child of God.”
    Sister Harkness encouraged all to see the act of taking upon us the name of Jesus Christ as more than just a formal exchange of words.
    “His is a name that is ‘put on’ [Galatians 3:27], written in our hearts, and ‘engraven upon [our] countenances’ [Alma 5:19].”

    Trusting in the Master Healer

    Sister Reyna I. Aburto, Second Counselor in the Relief Society General Presidency, spoke of the atoning grace of the Savior, Jesus Christ, that is available to all who suffer from mental and emotional challenges.
    “Some of those [challenges] are of depression, anxiety, and other forms of mental and emotional affliction. … When our minds are suffering, it is appropriate to seek help from … medical and mental health professionals,” said Sister Aburto.
    She shared the impact of her father’s suicide on her life to encourage more empathy and love and less judgment toward those who are suffering, reminding listeners that depression, anxiety, or any other emotional condition “can happen to any of us.”
    “Let us all remember that our Savior, Jesus Christ, ‘[has taken] upon him [our] infirmities, that his bowels may be filled with mercy, according to the flesh, that he may know … how to succor [us] according to [our] infirmities’ [Alma 7:12].”

    Living the Two Great Commandments

    President Dallin H. Oaks, First Counselor in the First Presidency, built upon President Nelson’s teachings regarding “the love and laws of God” to help mothers and fathers answer questions from children and youth regarding God’s law of marriage and its companion law of chastity.
    President Oaks emphasized the importance of keeping the two great commandments, to love God and our neighbors. He spoke particularly about the need to love those who do not believe in or choose to follow God’s commandments about marriage or chastity.
    Part of the difficult balance that members must strike in obeying the two great commandments “demands that we not compromise on commandments but show forth a full measure of understanding and love,” President Oaks said.
    He further taught: “We must never persecute those who do not share our beliefs and commitments. Regretfully, some persons facing these issues continue to feel marginalized and rejected by some members and leaders in our families, wards, and stakes. We must all strive to be kinder and more civil.”

    Partnering with God to Answer the Call

    “Every daughter of God listening to my voice has received a call from the Lord,” said President Eyring, Second Counselor in the First Presidency, at the start of his remarks.
    “For each one who makes [baptismal] covenants, the service that the Lord calls him or her to do will be suited perfectly to that person,” he said. “The covenant daughters and sons of God, however, all share one important and joyful call. It is to serve others for Him.”
    President Eyring spoke of how we grow into this call through unique life experiences that help us to prepare to live with God. He shared President Nelson’s description of a woman’s divine mission and its connection to covenants with God:
    “As mother, teacher, or nurturing Saint, she molds living clay to the shape of her hopes. In partnership with God, her divine mission is to help spirits live and souls be lifted. This is the measure of her creation. It is ennobling, edifying, and exalting” (“Woman—Of Infinite Worth,” Ensign, Nov. 1989, 22).
    In closing, President Eyring called on covenant women to mother, lead, minister, and serve in whatever place God has prepared for them.
    “I promise that you will find joy in your journey to your heavenly home as you return to Him as a covenant-keeping daughter of God.”

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