How Has the Savior Influenced Your Life? Share Your Thoughts
    Blog StaffSeptember 6, 2019
    As he prepares for his 95th birthday celebration, President Russell M. Nelson expresses gratitude and love for the Savior and for the prayers of Church members around the world.

    The Trials We Carry with Us
    Elisha RansomAugust 9, 2019
    Some of our trials are never going to leave us in this life, and that’s OK because they can make us more like our Savior. By learning to patiently cope with them and have compassion for ourselves and others, we can become our best selves.

    April 2019 General Conference: President Nelson Focuses on Faith, Repentance, and Covenants
    Blog StaffApril 7, 2019
    During the April 2019 general conference, President Nelson encouraged us to strive to do better each day, pray for greater faith in God, and stay on or return to the covenant path.

    Want to Receive Personal Revelation from God?
    March 22, 2019
    Personal revelation is like a fingerprint—it’s unique to you. But it’s a learning process to understand how Heavenly Father communicates with you.

    Look unto Him in Every Thought
    Joy D. JonesAugust 30, 2018
    How do we deal with the messages and temptations that constantly bombard us? Do we turn to our Heavenly Father for the help He is willing to give us?

    Diving through the Waves of Uncertainty
    Michael FitzgeraldFebruary 6, 2018
    Recognizing revelation has required plenty of trial and error on my part, but over time it’s become easier for me to get answers consistently. And along the way I learned that my concerns and questions are my responsibility and no one else’s.

    The 3 P’s That Changed My Perspective on Talking to God
    Irinna DanielsonSeptember 13, 2017
    So, why pray? Why every morning? Why every night? Does it even matter?

    The Fuel We Need to Power Our Lives
    Blog StaffSeptember 7, 2017
    Prayer can fuel our daily activities and let God’s light and love more fully fill our hearts.

    When the Answer Is Peace
    Liz StittApril 14, 2017
    When I am struggling the most, I sometimes get a different answer than I hoped for. It’s an answer that is hard to “listen” to because it doesn’t always feel like an answer. It is when the answer is peace.

    How to Pray in a Way God Can Answer
    Celeste DavisApril 12, 2016
    What are those things it is possible for God to grant? How can I make sure my wishes are the wishes of Christ?