20 Do’s for Making the Sabbath a Delight

    March 10, 2016
    By now, you’ve likely heard several talks and sat through plenty of lessons about the importance of making our Sabbath days more holy. Church leaders issued the call for better Sabbath-day observance in April 2015 in an effort to help individuals and families strengthen their faith in Jesus Christ.
    While attending church is an important part of the Sabbath, it’s only a small part of the day. It’s how we spend our time in our homes that can make the real difference in feeling the Spirit and truly making the Sabbath a delight.
    “Delightful” activities can be as simple as a Sunday walk, looking through family photo albums, or making cookies for someone you admire and dropping them off with a heartfelt note. It doesn’t take much to bring delight to others and yourself.
    Accept the challenge to be more deliberate in what you DO on the Sabbath. Keep yourself on track by printing out the Sabbath-Day Bucket List below. Choose one activity to do each week with your family, and check it off once you’ve completed it. It is as simple as that.