Purpose of this Website

    Many individuals from the People’s Republic of China (PRC) have joined The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints while living in other nations, including the United States, Canada, Britain and Australia. Chinese language congregations are now found in several countries.

    Many of these Chinese members remain where they have been working or studying, but many also return to China and do not know how to find the Church in their country and may not understand how they should comply with Chinese laws in relation to religious practice.

    This website seeks to answer “Frequently Asked Questions” by PRC Church members outside China and by Church leaders who work around the world with those members. It gives needed basic information for PRC Chinese members returning to China, including whom to contact for information, attending Sunday Church meetings and encouragement to observe relevant Chinese laws. Also provided are links to online Church resources in simplified Chinese.

    Over the years, the Church has built a strong relationship of trust with the People’s Republic of China by always respecting the important laws and traditions of that country. In order to observe Chinese laws and directions on religious activities, the Church is blocking access to this website so it cannot be viewed inside China.

    Read the news release introducing this website.

    Frequently Asked Questions by Church Leaders and PRC Chinese Members Outside China

    I am a PRC Chinese member living overseas, whom should I contact as I prepare to return to China?

    Please contact your branch president. He will welcome you, answer your questions, provide times and places for Sunday meetings, and establish your Church membership in the right place.

    As a PRC Chinese member living overseas, when I return to China, can I attend Church on Sunday?

    Yes. Local members meet on Sundays in various cities around China, led by local priesthood leaders, with local families and members of all ages, professions, and family situations.

    As a PRC Chinese member living overseas, will Sunday Church meetings in China be similar to or different from the ward/branch I attend now?

    In fundamental spirit, Church scriptures, doctrines, and the gospel friendship of the Latter-day Saints are the same everywhere. Around the world, including in China, meeting places may be larger or smaller, rented, and closer or farther to where members live. But Chinese members returning to China will find a warm spirit, close feelings one to another, and mutual support, service, and love.

    How can Church leaders help Chinese members as they prepare to return to China?

    Please let Chinese members returning to China know that they may have Church members among their family, friends, and acquaintances in China. Having much in common with other Chinese Church members will be a joy, comfort, and blessing. Please invite new Chinese members who are thinking of returning or planning to return to China at any point to contact their branch president.

    Who best answers questions asked by Chinese members living outside China?

    New Church members everywhere are happy about what they feel and have found. They naturally want to learn everything they can about the gospel and the Church. They welcome being able to read God’s scriptures, to explore ChurchofJesusChrist.org and other digital Church resources, and to attend Sunday meetings weekly with Church members. For some questions, your branch president will have answers.

    Frequently Asked Questions by PRC Chinese Members Outside China

    What are the basic principles of the Church in China?

    The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints teaches its members everywhere to lead Christ-like lives of faith, virtue, compassion, and integrity as indicated in the 13 Articles of Faith. One important tenet is for members to obey, honor and sustain the laws of the land. In more than 180 countries around the world, including in the People’s Republic of China, the Church teaches members to be good citizens and good parents.

    What is the status of the Church in China? Does the Chinese government know about the Church’s presence in China?

    The Constitution of the People’s Republic of China guarantees freedom of religious belief to its citizens. Religious practices, however, are subject to a variety of rules and regulations. It is important to understand these rules and regulations and how the Church works to follow them. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is not one of the five recognized religions in China. Overall, because members of our Church have worked to follow government regulations, the Church has a good reputation and is respected.

    Are there any restrictions for the Church or its members in China?

    The Church follows established official guidelines for its establishment and the activities of its members in China. Within established guidelines, Church members are able to pursue personal individual belief and practice.

    I am a Chinese Church member living overseas. Can I introduce my family to attend Sunday meetings in China? Can my family be taught and be baptized?

    Within guidelines, family members may be able to attend Sunday meetings, be taught, and be baptized. Please contact your branch president for further information.

    Can my friends be taught and baptized in China?

    Not at present. Please contact your branch president for guidelines and further information.

    Are there any activities that I should pay attention to avoid?

    Please do not distribute any Church literature or other religious materials; please do not seek to attend Church meetings with foreign Church members, and please do not set up religious-based blogs, microblogs or other internet accounts, etc., that could be misunderstood as trying to promote the Church in China.

    When did Sunday meetings for local Church members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-days begin in China?

    After education or employment, Chinese baptized overseas returning to China have had Sunday meetings since 2004.

    Can a Church member receive a patriarchal blessing in China?


    Do Hong Kong or Taiwan members attend Church with foreign or local Chinese members in China?

    Hong Kong or Taiwan Church members who live in China can attend local Church meetings. Hong Kong or Taiwan Church members who travel to China for business or tourist purposes should attend Church meetings with foreign members.

    Do returning Chinese members meet with foreign Church members on Sundays in China? (For example, my foreign friend is also a Church member.)

    No. Presently, there are no Church meetings held jointly with both foreign expatriate passport holders and local PRC Chinese members.

    Frequently Asked Questions by Church Leaders

    Can Church leaders/members outside China keep in touch with Chinese members baptized in their branch/ward after those Chinese members return to China? Email? QQ? Facebook? Letters?

    Of course. It is natural for relationships among friends to continue. Friendships and associations with foreigners are not restricted in China, though Church meetings for foreign and local Church members are held separately in China, and local and foreign Church members do not meet together for Church. When a new Chinese member joins the Church, please include in their baptism record their home address in China, an email and QQ address, mobile number, and a family member or friend in China. This will help everyone keep in touch. Please do not send email or other messages to those who are not members of the Church or whom you do not know personally. Obey the rules of internet usage. For example, some social websites are not allowed to be used in China.

    Can we send the Liahona or Church magazines to Chinese members when they return to China?

    Church members can take only one copy of each Church magazine or Church material for personal use in China. To avoid any misunderstanding, please do not send Church magazines or Church materials by mail.

    Some Chinese members have gone away for holiday or school break and thereafter have not yet returned to Church, what can we do?

    This is natural when students and others are moving about all the time. Having a social or other point of contact set before the holiday or break can give everyone a method and time for continuing communication.

    What Church materials are currently available in Chinese?

    The scriptures – Holy Bible, Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, Pearl of Great Price – are all available in Chinese. Church magazines and basic Church curriculum are available in Chinese. In areas outside China, Mormon Messages videos in Chinese are available on the Mormon Channel on YouTube.

    Some Chinese members are uncertain about what to expect if they return to China?

    Sometimes seeing once is better than hearing a hundred times. Invite Chinese members preparing to return home to find out as much as they can from the Church’s CAU director, local Chinese members, and others. This way returning Chinese members will know what to expect and not be fearful but at peace.

    How can Church leaders help Chinese members prepare to live gospel covenants when they return to China?

    Please help new members prepare for their coming transitions, for example, living the Word of Wisdom. Please be understanding and kind, and follow good judgment as you counsel together.

    In countries outside China where many Chinese members live, are multi-unit Church activities appropriate?

    Yes, in countries outside China where large numbers of Chinese members live, Church leaders can organize Institute classes, Young Single Adult conferences or devotionals, outings or activities around Chinese holidays (such as the lunar New Year), etc. With appropriate Church leader coordination, these activities can be organized on a ward/branch, stake or multi-stake, or even a country or area basis.

    How can Church leaders help new Chinese members when they first join the Church?

    New Church members everywhere need gospel friends, Church opportunities to serve and grow, and continued spiritual nourishment. New Chinese members appreciate opportunities to feel the faith and fellowship of Church members each Sunday at Church. They like to meet other Chinese Church members. Continuing to study and deepen their testimony of the Book of Mormon is important.

    Some Chinese members ask how to deepen their faith in and understanding of God and Jesus Christ?

    Everyone wants a happy and eternal family. In the quiet reflective moments – a beautiful sunrise, a baby’s smile, a challenge such as death – we sense there is order and meaning in life beyond what we see. In those moments, God’s existence, life’s purpose and direction, etc., become clear. Humble reflection and contemplation deepen our love for God, and the love we feel from God. Studying, asking with real intent, and listening with an open heart can deepen faith, and our willingness and desire to follow the truth we feel.

    Any suggestions for helping Chinese members outside of China who are busy in school feel part of our branch/ward, including where language or cultural differences may exist?

    Church leaders everywhere are considerate of student examination, study, and work circumstances when arranging Church activities and service opportunities. Church leaders also know different individuals enjoy different activities – social, athletic, gospel-living, hobbies, etc. Sharing food, holidays, and other special occasions enriches everyone.

    What counsel can a Church leader give when a Chinese Church member is preparing to return to China, and his/her home in China is some distance from the Sunday Church meeting place?

    Chinese Church members meet in organized Sunday meetings with local Chinese leaders in various locations throughout China.  As is true in every country, some Church members live farther from meetings places and need to travel for Sunday meetings.   Faith and sacrifice bring blessings. The love and concern of local Chinese Church leaders and fellow members are not limited by distance or geography.

    Non-Chinese Members Visiting or Moving to China

    I am an expatriate (someone entering China on a foreign passport) visiting or moving to China. Whom should I contact about attending Church?

    For foreign expatriates (foreigners entering China on a foreign passport) please see Meetinghouse Locator in LDS.org for several international district meeting locations and contact information.For other questions, please email bcidclerk@gmail.com.  Your email will be directed to an expatriate Church leader in Beijing who can provide Sunday Church times and places where expatriate Church members are permitted to meet.  If you are an expatriate member moving to China, you will be directed to an expatriate priesthood leader for the area in which you plan to live.  Please remember, in China, expatriate members and local Chinese members meet separately.(Hong Kong or Taiwan Church members, please refer to the related question above :“Do Hong Kong or Taiwan members attend Church with foreign or local Chinese members in China?”)

    What general conduct is expected of expatriate members of the Church while living or visiting China?

    Expatriate members living in or visiting China should be aware of the unique limitations on religious activities in China.  While China permits freedom of religious belief, all religious activities in China need to comply with relevant laws and regulations.Some of the key limitations of which you should be aware include:  members may not engage in active or passive proselyting among China nationals;  only individuals who hold foreign passports, and their spouses, may attend meetings or others activities with expatriate members in China; expatriate members are not permitted to participate in religious activities with Chinese nationals, whether or not they are members of the Church; and religious materials may not be disseminated to Chinese nationals in China.Observing these guidelines helps support our efforts to build a foundation of trust with government authorities and enables us to continue to meet together as the government now permits us to do.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Sharing the Gospel Online with PRC Citizens

    As online missionaries we are asked to share the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ with everyone. Does this now include people in China?

    Thank you for your faith and dedication. Appropriately implemented, online proselyting can help hasten the work of salvation.

    However, online proselyting should not cross international borders into countries where the Church has chosen or agreed not to proselyte. This currently includes the People’s Republic of China.

    Please refer PRC citizens living outside of China interested in learning more about the Church to the Church website mormonsandchina.org – which is only visible to those outside China.

    As online missionaries, we sometimes find investigators who live far from established Church units. What should we do?

    To help establish the Church in ways appropriate to local circumstance, missionaries involved with online proselyting which crosses international borders should refer international online investigators to the mission and missionaries where the online investigators live.

    This united effort to teach international investigators where they live will promote local friends, opportunities to serve, and long-term gospel nurturing.

    It will also promote needed coordination in cases where online investigators may move to different locations, including between locations where the Church is free to proselyte and locations where the Church has chosen or agreed not to proselyte.

    We often have Chinese online investigators who return to the People’s Republic of China. We would like to remain in contact with them. Can we continue to work with them over the internet?

    Online proselyting should not cross international borders into countries where the Church has chosen or agreed not to proselyte. This currently includes the People’s Republic of China.

    Chinese online investigators who are living outside the People’s Republic of China want to share the gospel with family members and friends who are living in the People’s Republic of China. May they do so over the internet?

    Generally, online proselyting by missionaries or members should not cross international borders into countries where the Church has chosen or agreed not to proselyte. This currently includes the People’s Republic of China.

    Guidelines for those who desire to share the gospel with family or friends that are provided on mormonsandchina.org should be applied in these situations.

    Recently baptized members are returning to the People’s Republic of China. May we continue to teach them after-baptism lessons and continue to fellowship them online after they have returned to China, or should we help them contact the CAU director?

    Encourage new members to contact the CAU director. He will help them contact their local leaders. If there is a new member that has special needs or circumstances, you may also contact the CAU director with that information.

    May I communicate with Chinese non-members living in the People’s Republic of China who contacted me over the internet?

    Online proselyting should not cross international borders into countries where the Church has chosen or agreed not to proselyte. This currently includes the People’s Republic of China.

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